Richard Brinson, Mark Burnett, England discussed on Reality Life with Kate Casey - Ep - 63 - Spencer Pratt & Chris Manzo


And i i was trying to wind down and it was winding the alcohols a on its own drivel how crazy is richard brinson though i didn't realize he thought insane i mean i think as he seemed like he literally asians insane i i feel like he showed up to the joint and thought i am going to you know be like an actor i'm fit non like not an actor but i think he feels like he such a personality and people like that annoy me it reminded me it reminded me sort of like the person that is cast on the real housewives and over does it over place their hands and it's like waking up the camera and then gets pissed because the other contestants are like get off our show like you don't understand how this rolls so i feel like he needs to step down a little bit now let's let's go through the episode incandescent sml first us tell people if they're not aware of the show because they live under a rock shark tank is a show where aspiring entrepreneur contestants can make business presentations to a panel of shark investors who then choose whether an hour not to invest this is a show created by mark burnett who did celebrity apprentice so let's let's go through the top okay can i actually i think he took the format similar nepalse god was from england getting took the format from england so even though he gets credit right he really doesn't because i can't i hate living mark renault logic rhino at you like take roma downey and go through this what what is the name of that show in the uk it's like um i don't i can't remember but if they it's one hundred percent lifted from a show in the uk the same exact day the body and love la anyway go on first contestant 11yearold from san clemente recycle skateboard dax to fit inside lockers and backpacks.

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