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And they're like yeah okay. I ever jokes jokes. And i remember the hardest. Overlap this guy. This guy. Jason jack jack and and he came in he came into lunch and he was like an just ripped all over and he had small exit. Someone goes Some goes him and how come how come your your legs aren't as big as your top. And he goes. I don't know i dunno. I dunno and some chili discard jalili. Goes maybe you should start putting the needle in your ass i. I've always said that my my friends. I think i think if you're a funny person. Chances are you're crew of friends are funny and i was just of the one that started to put it on the internet and start at the state into a microphone but a lot of my lingo and jokes and personality is all like an amalgam of all those guys. It's like we're gonna album of the crime happens to work in media. I've just a combination of my friend. Yeah you guys should be getting a cut of this year. Not gonna take my buddy eddie. Fernandez is the single funniest individual that you've ever been that anyone's ever been around. Everyone knows it. But the thing about eddie was you could do something to eddie and then any would take it to the tenth degree and make it. We used to do this thing. And eddie would do this thing to each other that we will pretend to roof each other's drinks just just it was. I don't know it was like we go. Hey can we get some water. And they put him down and he go. Thanks and i would look away. And he pretended roofing my drink and the waitress go. You just ask. And i remember one night. Eddie did it to anthony clark and go. We only did it right. We're talking and eddie looks at me winks. Any pretends to rookie anthony. Clark clark was the comic from boston. Common rupiahs drink and for me. And i'm like oh i pretend to anthony strength and many distracting him pretending until they roofing empty art and does he do anything. It's joke and he loved it and he started routine people girl the to the The the inside jokes had with this guy. Eddie fernandez were all inside jokes anytime. Any tear chairs were set up in any assemblies. Ever are joke was to walk through the center of them. Yell for this guy and go ahead and knock as many chairs downs. I took in the nfc championship game. Jameis winston played in. And and was there my buddy miles. And they're the funniest puck humans and secure and i ate edibles and watch them like do these guys are there like and and by the way you know the part where we buy tongue and don't say the unsavory thing they don't do that at all and you can't cancel me. I sell medical device. So let me ask you this because i. I think you're on a little bit of a tight schedule here today. You mentioned how things are going so well for you and tom and they really are. I like you guys are in like such a prime position right now. What is your personal or two bears goal like. What do you think 'cause. I think like the sky is the fucking limit for you..

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