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Meteorologist Eric Fisher. Notes. Accumulations south of Boston will be impacted by mix 36 inches of snowfall from Boston, North and west. This will be more about lighter, fluffy snow fall again, some seriously fluff factor with all of it coming on him and some lighter totals here for Plymouth County, down toward the South coast, some rain and maybe a code into a slushy inch toward the Cape and the islands but not expecting significant impact there in the southeastern corner of the states. He almost on the M B T a releasing a statement tonight, saying Cruz will work to ensure passengers have a safe And reliable transit option tomorrow, former President Donald Trump said to be happy with the structure of his impeachment trial that's set to begin tomorrow in the Senate. Here's Brian shook in a statement. Trump and his legal team praise Senate Republicans for standing strong for due process. Trump adds that the structure will allow his team to outline why they believe it's absurd and unconstitutional. Toe hold an impeachment trial against the private citizen, the House impeach Trump for inciting the violent mob that stormed the U. S Capitol last month. As for the Senate trial, a debate on the constitutionality of the proceedings will happen Tuesday with opening arguments starting Wednesday. I'm Brian Shook. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the president will be too busy to keep track of the impeachment trial. I think it's clear from his schedule from his intention he will not spend It's much time watching the proceedings of any time over the course of this week sake, having the president will be focused on getting is nearly $2 Trillion covert relief package passed positive trends continue in Massachusetts. As far as the latest covert numbers are concerned. Here's WBC's Carl Stevens. It could be Sunday Snow Storm and the Super Bowl might have had an impact on people getting tested for the virus. The latest update from the state Department of Public Health Shows fewer than 1300 new confirmed cases of the virus in the state. But that's from fewer than 43,000 tests. That's the lowest of the year. There are more than 58,000 estimated number of active cases. The number of covert patients in hospitals went down a couple 2 1387, the lowest number of the year. Another low number for the year. The seven day positivity rate for the second day in a row. It's a 2.96%, so those positive trends continue. Girl. Steven stop BBC Boston's news radio An investigation underway into a hacker gaining access to a water treatment plant in Florida, trying to contaminate the supply with a harmful chemical Here's correspondent Jackie Quinn. It happened in Oldsmar, Florida, near Tampa, where an unknown suspect was able to hack into the city's water treatment plant and increase the amount of sodium hydroxide or lie from 100 parts per million to over 11,000 parts per million, which could be harmful since like an Caused burns and irritation. The intrusion was foiled because of worker saw the computer mouse moving on its own and was able to reverse the command to increase the chemical experts say. Municipal utility systems tend to be targets. Law enforcement is warning all city leaders in that region to check their network security. I'm Jackie Quinn. 11 03 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all we'll drive traffic on the threes, Steve what you got for us? Well, work crews have started to fill in downtown. Don Tobin Bridge out. Bon as a love right lane closures, slowing things down. Just a bit on the pike. Westbound. We have a double left lane closure slowing you down to the potential tunnel eastbound two left lanes taken Cambridge Street all the way through the proof. Airport tunnels. No delays, But the Ted Williams is down a left lane inbound and outbound out west in the eastbound side of the pike of the Native Service Plaza. There's a work crew with a bit of a slowdown. 1 28 north, a disabled tractor trailer, blocking the right lane by great plane after state of the left, you'll be fine. North of town. 1 28 work crews reducing speed in Danvers, Endicott Street, north and South bound and 93 South. Watch for a double right lane closure in Medford Fells Way Down the route 60 south of the City Expressway in Good Shape, 24. North Bound and Raynham. Slow passing work crews by route 44, then 4 95 North and Mansfield is a set up with a bit of a delay there. This report sponsored by the Crones in Colliders Foundation, DD. Kron's in Colliders Foundation has been at the.

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