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Roast each other and gross each other and all sorts of stuff so anyway so I got onto the mushrooms hours of House. Wrap up billy wraps up so like. I've been thinking a lot about the future football. Okay go the plan this baby. Doe's like what's the biggest threat to football very obvious. C. C. C. O. V. I D. Word So it's like it's like physical damage in mental damage and we're finding huge strides in CBD for physical like physical pain stuff like rocks. We're talking about a lot of course and I'm thinking about concussions. Because like thinking about concussions is like concussion protocol may work but known was going to concussion protocol right. No one wants to sit in a dark room in missile classes in like have to catch up on homework in like teachers like Oh like concussions. Like even teachers don't take concussion. Seriously like Yo. You still have to do all the work that you missed and it's. Kinda like actually wants to put themselves in situations like all like sorry. I got concussed week professor. Like can I please maybe skipped my mid term? Because I haven't been able to study for it and they're like no you have to retake it and it's just like but I'm like stupid right now right what you're saying if you take mushrooms immediately after getting concussion you can leave you at some of these symptoms. I'm not saying that. But if they do the research and development drug where it's like okay. This would actually speed up the process and you don't have to take stupid impact has and stuff. I mean they really work. I know they're like the last science behind them. Just so annoying like like the shapes and stuff. It's so annoying. So so essentially. Vikings might have cured concussions and say football yet. Do you think about the preservers definitely had cte and like a lot of lived to Super Old Ages in wrote the Sagas that were about themselves so like these guys were copayments enough to write about themselves when they're old zone. Are you saying that? Beowulf like that was written by somebody under the influence of mushrooms. Hypothetically yeah I mean now sense so I could billy I like it deep dive. Yes so like. Let's see if we can like use. Viking you know like medicine till cheer Cte but like actually put all the tests and stuff like dowd like we could save football in like generations of people can play football more and enjoy the sport that like honestly Unites America more than anything especially right now. Thank I said to myself I let me let me just. I'll finish here before we episode. Boo. I think it's just a simple elevator. Pitch Yo science ever thought about zirk. Remote circuit is snacking who right and and that is our show. Billy thank you. Everyone tweet billy what you WanNa hear about next week. Maybe we'll we'll we'll you know tweet. Something very specific so we stay on topic but this was great. I like going all over the place. Unthinking biohacking that's okay there. You Go what? Can you give me a sneak preview that 'cause it sounds interesting just like a bunch of dudes best me no breaks off say Salvi. Stay with all things anyway..

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