Donald Trump, Muller, Senator discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Really off the rails. There was a job applicant. No Senator was not a job that will be. I think Senator. And if I really really really wanted to apply for jobs and Trump ministration are far more direct ways. I apply them to write a seventeen or eighteen nineteen page memo because everybody knows Trump can't read on page one. He didn't say that. But that's the assumption. Of course, it's not that Trump can't read beyond page one. It's that he doesn't because he's not interested enough. All these stereotypes. So that's I I'm I'm I'm a saw professor Dershowitz democrat votes because everybody in town loves him. I don't know. I I think people still don't get because they may be too close to it. The genu. It's it's more than a partisan divide. Whatever is happening in that town. Partisanship wise. It's more than a divide. There isn't even a bridge. In fact, you might even say that there are walls built. To keep Democrats from crossing over one way and Republicans the other way. Of course, the Republicans don't let walls stop them when they want to agree with Democrats. So we'll see how this goes. We're re we're reduce your asking the same questions as barges saying this stuff because he has to say if they get confirmed. Or does he really mean? All this. That Muller would never hunt. Winches that Muller's the greatest guy that's ever lived second to me himself. Not me. That that Muller would never do anything wrong. That Muller would never even think about doing me wrong, Muller's wife, my wife, go to bible study. And they would never think about doing it any wrong. I would never fire Muller. I would never impede Muller. I won't let Trump impede Muller. I won't let Trump know. What's in the report in advance? I'm not gonna let Trump do anything. I'm I'm basically here to make sure Trump doesn't get do any more damage. He saying this stuff does he mean it or is this just what has to be said. We won't know. For for a while. So it basically boils down to is is he with Trump and thinks the Trump the swamp needs to be emptied or his eve there to defend the swamp in a stealth fashion from the administration of Trump,.

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