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So many years ago that area headed to grommesh ucla. But it seems like longer. Gather ye cy young awards while you may. Things have not been great for him lately. On tuesday he failed to finish the second inning for his second straight outing and he gave up seven runs and was pulled after one and two thirds and the cubs entered wednesday having lost eleven games in a row. It's not looking so great. Were neck and neck with the brewers until very recently and then the brewers won every game and the cubs lost game. Suddenly there's a lot of separation between those teams saves. i'd trading you darvish going with a super soft tossing rotation with maybe not the best idea not that. That's their only issue but this outing by arrietta prompted a couple listener emails about potential. Stop material here. Because ariana allowed a grand slam very very quickly. In this case things went south. Right away so michael wrote in to say in. The top of the first of the tuesday cubs phillies game. Andrew mccutchen hit a grand slam on tenth. Pitch of the top of the first inning. Is that the earliest into a game. A grand slam has been hit. What about anywhere in the game. What's the fewest pitches. A has needed to go from having the bases empty to hitting a grand slam. That can really be a shock to the system. He co from no threat at all. Everything is just in the starting condition to a oh bases loaded to a homerun and suddenly i'm down for runs and this has happened pretty quickly in the past so there is a tweet that i saw. That was tweeted in response to this to buy a mobile insider dinger on twitter. I will link to this but the person behind this account went back to the beginning of pitch data in nineteen eighty eight and found the fastest from the start of a game to the grand slam and the fastest in. That period was eight pitches. So that's the fastest. It was april twenty. Six two thousand jermaine dye hit a grand slam off of ryan. Rupe remember some guys so that was the the fastest that it's been done at the start of a game in the first inning and the person also tweeted that the only time they could find where reliever entered a game and gave up a grand slam on fewer than ten pitches where all the runs belong to. Him was jerrod riggan on july second. Two thousand and two who gave up a grand slam tori peseta after nine pitches but as also curious about any inning. Not just the first. What's the fastest yuko. 'cause of course everything starts with no one on base and ask lucas apostle heiress of baseball prospectus about this and he did some quarrying wizardry with retro sheet and he found that the fastest anyone has gone from beginning of inning. Two grand slam is five pitches. Five pitches june twelfth. Two thousand four the rangers against the cardinals bottom of the fourth inning and the rangers were already ahead three. Nothing at this point. Chris carpenter pitching for the cardinals. He gives up a first pitch single to gary matthews than he gives up a second pitch single to rod barajas than he gives up a first pitch single to michael young and then a first pitch grand slam home run to hank blalock so five from started getting basis empty to ono grand slam. That is almost as fast as you can do it. Yeah so that's pretty bad. And then he settled down rested the ending. Strike out swinging out strikeout looking so just one of those weird things but things Ran off the rails very quickly and it would just. You don't even have time to recover emotionally. Great it's such a strange and sudden shifted fortunes. It's like getting addicted after one pitch and we got another email about this from dave from wrigley he was at this arrietta came and he emailed us from learfield. Couldn't even wait to get home. And he said. I'm at wrigley watching area to pitch in my buddy just leaned over and asked. Was that the fastest grand slam ever. It was ten pitches into the game. But that got me. Wondering what's the fewest pitches that have yielded the most runs in a game and lucas also went above and beyond and he was only able to go back to two thousand as opposed to the nineteen eight pitch tracking error but he looked up the fastest to every increment of runs. So you can obviously score one run with one pitch and you hit a first pitch leadoff homer. That's happened three hundred seventy three times since two thousand but then he looked up okay. What's the fastest two two runs to three runs. The four runs. So i will put this spreadsheet online for anyone who wants to look it up so fastest t two runs. That has happened. Unsurprisingly in two pitches although that's only happened eleven times since two thousand you just have back to back pitch homers and then fast to three runs that takes four pitches. That has happened three times. Fast of four runs. That's happened in six pitches. Fastest five runs. Eleven pitches fastest. A six runs thirteen pitches fastest. Two seven runs nineteen pitches. This is all still in the first inning here. Fastest two eight runs. Twenty-five pitches fastest two nine runs thirty pitches. Also i the fastest ten runs. Thirty seven pitches also Fastest to eleven runs thirty nine pitches. Also i that's that's the last one that it has happened in the first inning. And this was jason jennings made a start on july twenty ninth two thousand seven. This was padres against astros. This is a this is a real nightmare outing. It's i was gonna ask you. Is this all the same person. And if you're the manager at what point in that score progression decide he just wearing it. Yup this is all poor. Jason jennings who was jason. Yeah pulled after two outs. But also after eleven runs services. Top of the i saw padres batting against the s jason jennings bryan tiles walks..

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