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You can also download the app vegas nation. Let's get right to it sam. The raiders cut their roster down to fifty three. It's not etched in stone whatsoever. There's going to be a lot of moves. I think made over the next forty eight hours but any surprises regarding what What we saw today. How you doing great work today. Greg today becky over. A number of those moves broke several of those transactions. Great work as always. We appreciate it for me biggest surprise. I don't think there's a ton of surprises. You take a look at the roster in for the most part guys that we expect it to make the team guys that had prominent roles in training camp guys that we expect to have. Prominent role season are on the team The one surprise to me. And i guess it's not too much surprise when you contextualize training camp and how everything went through the preseason Brown three years removed from the one thousand yard season. You figure you know his speed. His veteran presence could play a factor there that receiving core. But it goes to show you that. The raiders have a lot of faith in henry rugs in bryan edwards to take a step forward in hunter renfro to continue to be a productive sought receiver and and felt it was. It was a mutually beneficial. John brown asked for his release. I expected to be a market for him with the raiders. Feel good about where they are at receiver. So that was the biggest surprise for people for the most part this roster looks how i expected it to look at this point of the season. What about you. What did you think. Yeah and As it relates to john brown zeta-jones also continues To to emerge as a guy that the raiders value as a reserve player maybe even as a spot starter. There's a lot of value in zeta-jones that goes obviously the numbers because he really hasn't put the numbers up but there's a chemistry that he has with dr carr. There's also an understanding now going into year. Three in this offense of what the raiders are doing so Not a bad option to have that deep down on under depth chart. It'll be interesting to see what some of these younger wide receivers Dita turner and dylan. Stoner who did get cut. Whether they're brought back in some capacity. Very lisa i would think both would be on the practice squad. And who knows maybe one could end up. On the on the regular season roster fifty three man roster as well i thought karl joseph in the in totality was a bit of surprise but the writing was certainly on the wall on sunday when he showed up in santa clara along with john brown which is somewhat unusual given all the veterans and key players. Were back home in las vegas. Not only were they there but they both played and that was an obvious indication that something was amiss in futures with the raiders probably wasn't You know real all that secure and a lotta times in that situation. And i think i think the coaching staff was pretty far along on their decisions and i think they just wanted to give it one more look to make sure they weren't overlooking anything or had missed something or basically given these guys one more shot to kind of convince them otherwise Obviously neither one of them did that. And in john brown's case it sounds like he asked for the release so There it is. But i think that aside from that maybe a little bit of derek carrier. I know that he's a gruden guy. As a lot of value as a blocker a special teams player But obviously the raiders for now anyway have gone in a different direction with their third at a tight end. But other than that you know. I think that for the most part it was it was pretty cut and dry In terms of of the cuts I'd like to throw this out to you. What do you feel. good about. In terms of the roster's strengths. And where do you feel like. They're still a little bit of vulnerability yahoo question. I think the like what we saw during training camp. We talked about during the off season. I think there's a lot more depth on the defensive line. A number of those players. The raiders went out there and acquired during the off season to fortify that line. Make the team and same with the secondary. Those those two units. I think go from obviously mrs last season on one of the bottom. You know. One of the worst defenses in lead to death. Now you have some some veterans. Now you have you some rotation and some competition that i think is going to make these unit stronger throughout the course of the regular season in terms of depth. Where there's i think question marks obviously vinnie linebacker right because we know nicholas moral a good chance. He ends up on some kind of reserve list to start the season with what he's dealing with. The kospi's banged up has been banged up throughout the course of training camp and denzel perryman just now coming over. You're going to want to have to get him acclimated before you really let him go so i think i expect them to kind of mind. The the waiver wire for help linebacker or to shore up that unit and then running back to of course you what you have. Which shakeups drake as the ops guys but jalen recharged with banged up. I was a little surprise. Trae reagan's after the season that or the preseason that he had a one. He showed that he wasn't going to get a look on the on the active roster the fifty three man and start the season. But like you said this is so fluid. it's early. Maybe there some some some wiggle room. And and i think i would be surprised if the raiders checked out to see what was out there wanting back. What about you what were your initial takeaways. Yeah and also. I think that You know if. You're the raiders. If nf jalen rashard is starting the season On the injured reserve which that definitely could be the case Which would mean it would be out for sure for the first three games. At least if that's let's just go down that road if they're gonna put jalen on. I r i think the thinking is whether it's bj bj are trae ragas. One of those two guys probably both We'll get through waivers. And i say that because when you when you look at the waiver wire process One or both of those players will have had to convince somebody elsewhere. Thirty one other teams one or two whatever the case might be of thirty one other teams That they're good enough. Not just to claim on waivers but then they have to put on the fifty. Three man roster. You know what i'm saying like like you can't just pick up a guy and then put him on your practice you have to. That player has to go on your fifty three man roster. I'm not so sure that either trae or bj has moved the needle Enough around the league for that to happen. So i'm i'm i'm guessing. The raiders are gambling a little bit that either one or both will survive waivers and then re brought back and at that point Maybe one of them is the replacement for rashard on the roster for the for the duration of his I are visit if he goes on. I r or if he doesn't have to go on i r then you've got to Practice squad candidates that on that practice on the out of those two players so one way or another i think one or both will certainly be back and in the meantime you could also if recharges only gonna miss one game. I think you can get by with combination of josh jacobson. Kenyan drake And and alec angled as the fullback slash backup Third running back. We should be able to get through it. And if you don't then you're always gonna have then. You'll have one of those two running backs on the practice squad To bring up in an emergency situation in case something were to happen between now and jalen rose shards return. So i think that's kind of how they're they're playing that So i think they'll they'll.

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