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From workhouse connect in a j Benza. Vein. He liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex camps is the guy put the cop and the peacock network. Okay bitch. Hey, everybody AJ Bantu here for famous bitch. It's March eighth 2018 Hanes. My wife's birthday. What am I gonna get for birthday? I don't know. I don't know. Haven't gotten the yet. But I'm sure I'll get something really wonderful. You know, you guys have done extraordinary things you listeners. You send me things in the mail. You've bought things you've made things you've sent away for stuff. I can't get over. But I'm gonna I'm gonna post a picture later today. You can see what this guy did for me. Greg's are autho. Greg's Raffard is a a patriot member terrific guy. I'm gonna put his information on the podcast obsessed page, but he made me Rocco at Avino and Mike's Mike son law he made us all fame as a bitch hockey jerseys, like they're authentic, beautiful hockey jerseys. And it's it's the famous bitch logo. It's it's our favorite numbers. I'm forty four. My son is thirteen I it just it blew me away. It's not not shirt, fucking hockey jersey. So Greg, you you you did yourself all the jerseys are gorgeous, I'm gonna put them up on the podcast recess page. So you can all see him. Obviously if you guys. I don't wanna save you need jerseys because I'm not sure he'll just crank out individuals. But maybe you guys are involved with the team or sport. I don't know. But I will put up his I'll put up Greg's wrath his information later on after I post this show. So you'll see by the time this show airs in other words, but thanks, buddy..

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