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News and Amazon. Alexa like three doubles y PC Mobile news on the level on the go, Was it a fair and square election? I'm Madison Miguel. Here's what's trending. That's our Congress meets to ratify the presidential election Wednesday, Chris Davis reports. At least one Hoosier lawmakers plan not to go along. It's Senator Mike Braun and, he says in a statement. That he believes election fraud is a real possibility and some of those contested states, so he and several other Republican senators want those states to go back and audit their election results and re certify them with emergency legislative sessions first. Chris Davis 93. W I. B C mobile use more than 5400 Hoosiers have tested positive for the coronavirus, said the state Department of Health Saturday, meaning 523,000 people are known to have had the virus in Indiana so far. 39 more people died from the virus, bringing that total toe over 8000 people dead when you're gone another ahead, but the violence stays child. Come on reports on what I m p D wants to do about Andy's homicide rate. I MPD chief Randall Taylor says indie set a record with more than 250 criminal homicides in 2020. And he says 2021 is already off to a rough start first, which is not necessarily uncommon for New Year's. We write it to go well for them. The first one Taylor on Wish TV this year to curb the violence. He hopes to implement a use of force policy and General orders Board both with civilian oversight. Shallow Kabbalah 93 WBC mobile news. I'm Madison Miguel on the level on the go on Twitter at 93. W A. B C and w E.

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