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Right also an actor David Naughton, correct. Cool. I cheated a little bit E. I did cheat because I couldn't think of who it was. But it was like you seem like a one hit wonder a little bit too. Oh, yeah, Totally. It was huge, right? Yeah. Late seventies disco era Did. That's what I was going to say. It's disco. Yeah, not the sort of thing I was listening to back then I'll come on. You know, Dave, you just around friends. You could. You could be real with us. Let me tell you, you know, I had bought the Sex pistols album by then. So that was sort of on a different plane. Put me in my place. All right, so making it to the top, But are we talking about Dave Wilson? Well, we're talking about smaller companies, making it specifically the ones in the Russell Micro Cap index. So you take the smallest companies in the Russell 2000, which we talk about all the time when we're looking at small cap US stocks. Then you throw in companies that are too small to go into the Russell by market value, and you get this micro cap gauge, And it's been on a roll lately to the point where Uh, you're seeing numbers in terms of the percentage of companies in the index above their 200 day moving average. You know that gauge of price trends we talked about all the time. Yeah, You have never seen readings like this. And I'll say that this particular index, the Russell Micro Cap goes back to 2005. So you know the highest figure you've seen before. Say last week was about 83% of the stock's above their 200 day moving average. You saw that in September. 2009 you know is the bull market was getting under way back then. Well Friday and again on Tuesday. You had more than 86% of the stocks in the index beating that 200 day moving average, so above what their price trend would suggest, and I'm just going to go back and take a quick look at where we were yesterday. And pretty much in line almost 86%. What does this mean? Dave? You're seeing some really broad based strength in the stocks. Okay? I mean, and it's consistent. You know what with sort of things you know, we talk about with the smaller companies being into man. And there's all this trading going into over the counter stocks or wherever you know. I mean, that's really what gets my attention beyond that. Mean strategic research partners had a chart out on this, and I sort of picked it up from there. It was on Twitter and their comment was this earned a wow from us. So did you. Okay? Go ahead. Finish. There you go. Second. I'm still stuck on the song. Okay, Let me just say if you want to charge the explanation that goes with it and everything I do going forward. Send me an email. D. Wilson at Bloomberg dot net. That's D Wilson at Bloomberg dot net. That's right. It was a theme song for TV. Syria's of the same name. Correct. That's where, Yeah, yeah, making it written by the same team that also brought us Gloria Gaynor's I will survive and Peaches and Herbs Number five hit, Shake her groove thing and Never what Hit reunited. That is a dream team of writers. Yeah. You really know how to work that Google. Carol, I must look, so we get to the right information. Absolutely. Hey, trust me. I mean, I can't even imagine now how I was able to get information before Google. It was just like I always think of a couple of words put him in. Okay, That's it. I know right? It's amazing how that search engine works it was released, is both a seven inch single and a 12 inch single with an instrumental version of the song titled Still Making it as the B side. Dave, is it harder to choose the song of the day or the over the chart of the day? Oh, you know, it's about equally difficult. Did you choose that one or did programmed and help you? Oh, I did. Oh, I didn't know. You think Paul Brennan's the guy who, when I sent him this song, he came back with that classic line disco. You know, socks? Really? Wow. I mean, that was the thing in the seventies, obviously, and I would have thought that it 1978. When that song came out, I probably would have thought that too, also appeared on the soundtrack of the comedy film Meatballs. There you go. And that's what Paul, remember. Don't worry. It's Tim Man. Just like a deal. I don't often see a blank face from Tim Stenkovic, but I saw it just that moment. All right, Dave Wilson, Thank you so much. Dave's gonna be back a little later on with the stock of the day. Right now. It's off to Nancy Lions in D C. Making it You know that song, right? Yeah, I.

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