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Bank robbery. The one time. We don't take the bus too often. The one time we take a bus. The man was still inside the Bank. When officers arrived. He eventually gave up and nobody was hurt. Komo news time is now four thirty seven. We're hearing more about the man suspected of posting online threats against the Fifth Avenue theatre in downtown Seattle. Komo Suzanne Phan reports. No tummy, cook doesn't personally. No. The man police say posted the threatening remarks over Facebook. He's a member of the INC local fifteen stage employees union and a former employee of the Fifth Avenue theatre, according to police the post worry, Tommy's wife, and her friend so much they called for help after a closer look at the man's posts. They decided to say something we're just noticing like he'd been up really late like in the morning to you know, what I mean like all hours like this guy wasn't sleeping. Clearly, he was writing some pretty specific things on harming people. Police arrested the man forty six year old Aaron Pearl Sunday afternoon on an unrelated warrant at his home in shoreline and directors canceled. Sunday's matinee of any at the Fifth Avenue theatre added safety for. The company and its patrons. That's komo's Suzanne Phan reporting voters approved I nine forty in November. But lawmakers look at a revised version before the police use of force initiative can become law. Teresa Taylor with the Washington council. Police and sheriff's worked on revisions with de escalate Washington, the group behind the initiative this effort is really a model that has intentionally included listening to each other and learning from each other and using that foundation to understand and reach consensus. One of the changes includes considering whether a reasonable officer would have deemed a deadly force necessary to prevent death or serious harm to police or others. If placed in the same situation, the I nine forty revision is expected to be the first Bill heard on the twenty nine thousand nine legislative session convenes. Komo news time is now four thirty eight schools across Anchorage are all closed today as building inspectors make sure they're safe since Friday's seven point zero magnitude quake hit more than one hundred aftershocks of rattled the area that's prone to earthquakes. The plan is to have all schools reopen next Monday classes are cancelled at surprise lake middle school in Milton today after a fire damaged one of the schools buildings late Monday afternoon. Komo's Steve McCarron reports from the outside of surprise lake middle school. There isn't much to see inside of administrators say the damage caused by a fire in the boiler room area is pretty significant.

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