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Twenty the basketball of fame has been announced as you've said many times it's not an NBA hall of fame is a basketball hall of fame Kobe Bryant fifteen time all star cordially Kobe Bryant's in there Tim Duncan is in there Kevin Garnett Eddie Sutton Kentucky Oklahoma state route eighteen to make Catchings among the of folk is far as greatest of all time I just I did a quick look today two thousand nine is among many X. is seen as maybe the best Michael Jordan David Robinson John Stockton Jerry Sloan Vivian stringer there are many that I looked at today that are are really really good less feet Maravich Walt Frazier Rick Perry in nineteen eighty seven Nash Steve Nash Jason Kidd grant hill mo cheeks ray Allen of two thousand eighteen two thousand eight was Ewing allows you want daily bill Davidson nineteen eighty Jerry Lucas Jerry west Oscar Robertson so there's a lot of great ones but among the top three in twenty twenty and Brian Duncan and guard at that's for darn good yeah I think the the Oscar Jerry west today to butcher was also on that yes date to usher went on to be the you know commissioner the ABA after he was done what great player in the NBA as a player coach with the pistons so I mean obviously great players but this one but when you look at it is for your age you know just the stats in the all star game appearance is not even close I mean Kobe Bryant Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett combined for forty eight all star game appearances and Kevin Garnett was an excellent player fifteen time all star and a very good defender buddy won the one championship Kobe and jam one five each on the Adam up eleven championship just those three players and take Richie out of it really was good player and obviously a two time NBA championship coach but if you look at it as though it's just an NBA hall of fame I have a Kobe HM and and K. G. eleven NBA championships four MVPs in forty eight all star game appearance is the forty eight all star again appearances are far and away the most I mean ten one fifteen times internet would fifteen Tyson Kobe went fifteen times or whatever was so it's just it's it's an incredible class we know about Kobe Bryant we talk so much about him while he was flying after he retired we were there any other retired both of his numerals eight and twenty four with the warriors and obviously what happened in late January and his passing and the memorial we've talked a lot about Kobe I think Kobe Bryant outside of Michael Jordan's the best perimeter player to ever play and I think Tim Duncan because I saw the early stages of his career hi my all time NBA five is Michael and Colby Leri at small forward Tim Duncan at power forward and Kareem at center and Tim Duncan I think it and a lot of ways he's just so and I was texting my spurs friends when he got a and I made the point I think is the most underrated player of all time they came back with a group tax was pretty rated immediately yeah I mean obviously he's a first ballot hall of Famer and I but I I just don't you know bill Russell was thought to be the greatest winner in the history of the NBA anyway he was M. eleven championships in thirteen years the true at USF the the the gold medal in fifty six all of it but I I really believe that that jam into some respects was this generation's bill Russell L. as the spurs were good but they they could not get over the top and it was like the Celtics they they had all the pieces around the around the center position they just did not have that center position and Tim Duncan just everything that he did it also allow David Robinson to change his role where David slid over and became more bill Russell where all we need from you now is shot blocking rebounding I mean you could not get a shot off against the spurs and if you missed it they were gonna get the defensive rebound and they were gonna get in the open floor and if they had to play in the half court I mean I saw it so many times because you called the play right in front of me and blocked my vision is for opted for down for up as Jim Duncan and I saw the left bloc in for up is the right block and Jim could score anyway you wanted to he could face you up and go Sam Jones Scotty Pippin and bank at A. N. he could walk you down and score with either hand that a jump hook you could run pick and roll with them a little bit of a problem with double teams in turnovers for like one practice and they solve that members first ever NBA preseason game he tore Chris Webber's **** open he just out played and it was like wow Tim Duncan look like Brad Daugherty to me is first game he ever played like a twelve time NBA all star like right away so I think him just gets overlooked a lot I think he's that good of a player so when you put Kobe Bryant amp jam Duncan into the same class you're talking about ten NBA championships they each one five that's why it bugs me would lebron they go right to the comparisons to Michael Jordan lebron why we're not talking about Kobe and and and and Michael and why don't we we do we obviously did a jam I think it gets all over looks because he saw one on assuming any other big fundamental he'd like to talk to you know I'm anxious to see a speech off we will be able to hear it but it's going to be sad because now you know it's gonna be about Kobe Bryant obviously and his passing away died too young and he certainly deserves it but when they announced the hall of fame class and I watched it on NBA TV live and watched I was on the S. P. N. actually watched it all live but when CNN reported on it it was the Kobe Bryant made the hall of fame and they they just mention that even match the names others they never even mentioned how great of a player Tim Duncan was now Kevin Garnett was a very skilled player he could not went alone in Minnesota I actually went to Boston and he probably should've gone early in his career Tim is a better player than Kevin Garnett although I have heard some people say that card that's the best power forward of all time it's ridiculous but in any event I you know there are other classes that are close to what I think to butcher and Oscar in Jerry because Oscar Jerry came into the NBA together were part of the nineteen sixty epic team with coach Noel they meant so much to the league and a class that Michael is involved in any one in which I was locked in and David Robinson about Kobe is a check below Michael and Tim Duncan is better that either Stockton or Robinson so I I would have to say just from the NBA names that are on this list it it's the best hall of fame class of all time yeah that's right up there because like you said I was looking at all the classes and they're just so many good players but as you pointed out you don't think about Duncan too because I was I was on a on a on a beat for the jazz then and he alone would have so many games but he would dominate in but I think it was like you said market size he didn't talk a whole lot you here don't I think most people when your friends say he's pretty highly rated he is as a power forward but then when you expand the conversation out to greatest of all time which he should be in the conversation or or top you know in that in that line up of all time five you don't hear him as much because when you think of the power forwards there were more dynamic it was in I'm not saying there's good but Barkley was loud Malone style of play all those different kind of things Duncan was better it's just given market size given how quiet he was you don't see him beyond the power for discussion I don't see it and I don't you know what he didn't even play power forward when he first came into the NBA and they are the twin towers together it was David chan and that in that set up a base because pop called for down but it could have been five down unifies the center for the power forward but they would enter changes basically David was not great in the posting was too skinny so they would play a lot of high low action where David would feed the ball into jam or you know sometimes they double post and David B. on one posted Jan would be on the other but it was easier to double off the big with David's guy just leaving him to come over and double Duncan so pop didn't want that he wanted more of a spread out but actually after David Robinson retired Tim Duncan was the center so really weak we say because it's four down and more often pop never change the call it but Kim played most of his career at center then he did it at at power forward it's just I'm trying to get him on my all time team sama playing the power forward but really if you look at the breakdown most of his NBA minutes by far where it shattered they were just a power for probably only when he was on the floor with David simultaneously otherwise he played five but if you get into five discussion not as much as I love jam a larger one was that good of a player I mean I I honestly if I had to pick a team I I maybe would put Akeem at power forward over champ and play him next occurring but it came as a senator kind of what he could do everything he was amazing as much as I love Kim became allies always that good of a player not throughout the entirety of his career Kim was so good at the moment he got in the league right away he can obviously slow down later in his career but a larger one he was raw offensively he was not a great offense a player took a few years to get there Memon collagen well I college I will I remember doing a sureties game against Houston if I slam jam he was just raw he got better and better like Ewing and I was raw and young and pretty good offensively but in any event I mean Dunkin you know Eddie Albert Hayes was a hell of a good power forward however there are a lot of guys there were great powerful position change that's it for you know again for younger list visit just change these matters anymore says that a state Kerr points all the time the one position on the floor has probably changed more than earnings power forward that's why Andrew Wiggins at power forward he's not power for me I mean it was it was an act the card Karl Malone hello to kill so but I I mean the point is Tim Duncan was that that great of a player and so under rated I think but maybe to some that know the game and know what a great winner he was he's right there but you may call me I mean you're talking Kobe and Tim Duncan John Evan that's arguably two of the all time starting five in the history of the NBA and won the hall of fame class in one of England's pubs is two thousand twenty class could be the best of all time it was a great piece of ESPN wrote at the end of last week which was which warriors are in we'll get into that plus I just got the the sound for one o'clock it's very good will put up for you as well the top of the hour to pop in London one of four five and six eighty these forces this is pop and lined stream us on KNBR dot com through your smart phone or desktop we are east sports leader Hey sports fans if you're out there working.

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