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Traffic at KCBS George Rask is here with an update on the situation on eight eighty in Hayward hazardous material spill has shut down the southbound lanes of the Nimitz freeway that's, right the freeway is closed southbound and while no lanes are yet reported blocked on the northbound side of the freeway traffic, is already backed up into union city. On the northbound side the southbound backup which now reaches to marina boulevard in, San Leandro is also affecting the. Northbound ride on to thirty, eight which is backed up into Castro valley north six eighty is jammed up as well heading up before south mission boulevard and there are problems in Marin but. Before we get there let's check out your delays in the Altima pass from KCBS institu- Mike. Tracy with a couple of things early here on a. Friday afternoon during the lanes earlier now we have fruit across all lanes of traffic on east. Five eighty right before grant line that's why it is already slammed out of east Livermore From just east of Vasko. Road all the way up and over the hill heading to Tracy in Marin and. Accident on one zero one northbound at the five eighty interchange it's starting. To slow. The ride from larks per and then heading eastbound on the Richmond bridge it may have been because of problems at the toll plaza on the westbound side that created a visual, hazard but traffic is backed up nearly to the West End of the bridge heading eastbound again Richmond British back toward Richmond, and the Eastshore freeway jammed up in. Both directions between university and the maze northbound thirteen backed up to Montclair eastbound, twenty four slows through rock ridge. To the call to cut, next update one fifty eight on the traffic leader KCBS forecast now with Iran for joining us from the KPI x five weather center everybody inland areas at least. You don't have the heat to go along with that Hayes upper seventies low eighties for afternoon. Highs around the bay upper sixties and for the coast Upper fifties over our about five to ten degrees below normal today but unfortunately that? Smoke, in the sky doesn't really. Allow you to spend too much time outdoors if your eyes and lungs are certainly feeling it you'll want to stay inside tomorrow temperatures will be a little bit warmer air quality should improve through the weekend next week it should clear on up by Sunday we'll see temperatures dropped slightly. As we begin a cooling trend on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday mid to upper seventies that includes. The hottest locations across the bay area so it should be pretty nice out there and also we'll get that, onshore breeze which should contribute to clearing things up a bit next week we've got traffic, and weather together on the eighth on all news one zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time one fifty two it's time now for our tech watch report with CNN executive editor Ian sure who joins. Us on the KCBS ring central Newsline so we're getting a look inside the team that is fighting fake, news on Facebook. In what can. You tell us yeah it's a really interesting story we have unseen where. We got to talk to a number of people who are in charge of the team Team that are really trying to deal with this stuff One of the interesting, aspects of it is that the leaders are all female which is a pretty good thing when you consider. Silicon Valley in general struggles with diversity on their staffs but one of the other things that I thought was really interesting is that there's a lot of detail in this story about just kind of how they are trying to fight fake news which. Is by changing the way, that it's organized on Facebook, so when you're on Facebook you're looking through the feed they tried to quote unquote downright rank or make the bad stories kind of show. Up less often than the proven to be true stories and. It's an interesting issue because they have to. Deal with they don't wanna be the arbiters of truth but. At the same time they, don't wanna send around wise it's a very hard job and I think we do. A pretty good job of encapsulating how hard that is we. Also understand there's been another major data breach this time it? Was. With t. mobile what happened and who's being impacted yeah so t mobile. Said that a hackers broke into their systems on Monday so not even a week ago And we're able, to steal names feeling codes phone numbers Email addresses account numbers and other information about two million users so. That's about three percent of t. Mobile's overall user base they claim that credit card so sukey numbers and possibly passwords weren't accessed but if you're a t. mobile customer Faustina nets advice reset your password make sure you use a different password on every. Website you go to all, right and finally man's best, friend is going digital but it's not exactly going to be cheap cheap rather is so what does this robo doggie and what does it. Do yeah it's it's called I it's by Sony it's about. Three thousand dollars twenty nine hundred and what. It is is it supposed to be around the clock companion. You know we've got the, baby boomer generation getting older and we're starting to find that one of the biggest. Problems is actually taking care of people and having someone there. All the time in robot companions increasingly are becoming one of? Those. Things people were exploring so this is an interesting idea Sony's been selling. It for quite a while this Supposed to be even more advanced in, act more, like a puppy so, it'll be interesting to see whether people. Like it right Anne thank you very much as always that. Scene that executive editor insure. And our tech watch report airs weekdays at. One fifty on KCBS we are back to the KCBS, super micro Intel, money desk for money walked with Jeff Bellinger stocks rallied with the NASDAQ. And the. S&p five, hundred hitting new all time highs, Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred thirty three, points, or half. A percent the NASDAQ closed up sixty seven points or eight? Tenths, percent the s. and, p. five hundred, gained eighteen or six tenths percent Neela Richardson. Of Edward Jones tells. Bloomberg the economy is in good shape with no? Downturn insight, if you look at the second quarter you, see a lot of strength over four percent GDP growth that's not all stimulus either that was business investment that was a pot and consumer spending it's a fundamental and the economy very strong and Richardson says. Corporate earnings have been solid for. Two quarters in a row demand for expensive. Manufacture Richard products declined more than expected last month the Commerce Department. Reports orders for durable goods fell one point seven percent in July but a component of the durables report..

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