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Radio one or two point nine karn little rock a cumulus station karn fm sheridan cbs news i'm deborah rodriguez mass murder orchestrated and carried out by a lone gunman police say there is a possibility steven paddock did not act alone cbs's steve futterman is in las vegas did someone possibly help steven paddock the idea that the las vegas killer may have had some help comes from the clark county sheriff joe lombardo he said last night he finds it hard to believe that haddock planned arranged and carried out this entire plot on his own at the same time at this point there is no evidence that anyone assisted padded as investigators continued their search for a motive in the massacre that left fifty eight people dead investigators are also focusing on paddocks mental health and whether something happened in october of two thousand sixteen that pushed him to stockpile most of the forty seven guns and rifles in his arsenal also of interest whether paddock was considering targeting another large concert at took police in las vegas a week will or the country music festival cbs' jeff today says that concert featured chance the rapper and lord the australian singer they shooters girlfriend calls him kind carrying and quiet and claim she had no idea of his deadly plot her attorney matt lombard reading mary lou dan lee statement i am a mother and they grandmother and their heart breaks for all who have lost loved ones dan lay volunteering to be questioned by the fbi field office in los angeles president trump in las vegas where he visited with first responders and with some of the injured still hospitalized after the attack you stand together to help you carry your pay you are not alone we will never leave your side there's.

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