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Now, here's the thing like Marin loves milking something when when she can and like she's definitely overreacting, but she's not totally like wrong. You know, Stephanie could have just just been like, oh, it's the prize, you know, like that's like she could have just like shut it up like that. Shut it down like that. But she did play a joke on her and then she didn't have a moment or we didn't see where. To hear like, oh my God. I'm so sorry. But I was like, I had to like I had to pull your tail like she didn't like their didn't Razi none of, no, I'm not. I'm not saying I wouldn't. I wouldn't care, but I'm saying that like like it was like, you know, like Cameron's milking in, but Stephanie it was. It was immature, mature, I think Cameron is totally being silly, and this is ridiculous and she's gonna find any little things again. I mean that said, thank God, but it's not like leeann new dandruff didn't know. No one else knew you know was no, I know. But. She did like make Cameron look stupid. I mean, she really did, but I mean, I think most of us would just laugh like, oh my God, that was funny, but like, but also like sh, she never went up to Cameron afterwards. It was like, like, never like, oh my God. It was a joke. I'm sorry. I just had to do like, you know what I'm saying? Like it was like she did a joke and then sort of like, okay, like we're moving forward and. I think that cameras overreacting, I wouldn't. I wouldn't even brought it up, but at the same time it's not like, you know, it wasn't like the most mature moment either by seventy. Yeah. I mean, I guess I don't know to me, it's like so silly. I can't really care. So I'm so sorry. 'cause like wanna be in, but I'm like, I don't care. I think if you have a history with someone and there's like a front of me history there and someone does that to you like you're gonna be like, oh, okay. Well, I know it's a joke, but you still made me look like an idiot on TV. So how's it making look like an idiot. I mean, in that case, she's making everybody looked like in idiot. No, because figured it out because. One announcing like I figured it out, there's up baby. So yeah, she's trying to lie so that it would ruin the surprise. It was the same surprise. Everybody else was getting. I don't know. I'm just saying. In that. Feeling Scott her and the reason that her feelings got hurt is she thought she was part of the girl click and she's not and Stephanie's like, no, that's not the case, but it is the case because brand even says later, she's like, why would I tell her? We're not even friends. Oh, I agree with that one hundred percent. Feels like she's not part of the group. So Cameron Cameron? Totally ridiculous in how she's like, oh my God. You didn't even tell us like, she doesn't have to tell you, and this is how she wanted to present it. Totally fine. But I do think that, like, you know, like if I have like if I've had some issues where like I felt like someone's been cookie to me in the past and they've played pranks on me, but now we've resolved move forward and then you go and you, you do that to me on TV where I'm like, oh, my God is brand brand Brady, has a baby, doesn't she? Or something like that? And then someone says, no, I have having a baby like, oh my God. Congratulations. It's like it's just one of those things like, okay, like you're sort of like a fucking bitch. Oh, that's funny like, but I do think we're Cameron's wrong that she's like, she shouldn't even harped on it like sheep, and that's what I love. I love watching harp on something over and over and over again. She just can't get over in that cracks me up. I liked it second season now. So they're more involved than they know each other and they know each other well, enough to say like badger, stop, stop it badger because they've told her like you're just a fucking badgered like, you won't stop. You just repeat yourself. And then she's like, okay, I won't be a badger in gas..

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