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To die at home the parents of a very sick little british baby were back in court today fox's simon owen live in london dave one day after charlie god's tyrants abandoned direct flights to take their son to the us for experimental treatment the family back coach hair emitted huge about how the child should die chinese tarad saying they wanted to take him is hostile says it would like to fulfill that wishes possible but boards of obstacles flaunting charities ventilator doesn't pit through the tariffs front door discussions are ongoing meanwhile a vatican hospital sang experimental sarathi might have have helped charlie the london hospital disputes that day seven days after a truck crammed with illegal immigrants was found in a walmart parking lot in san antonio more than a dozen remain hospitalized with heat stroke another life threatening conditions ten died the drivers been charged and texas republican lieutenant governor dan patrick blames sanctuary cities giving immigrants hope to take such risks policies are killing people killing innocent americans your who were at the hands of the criminals who cross and killing good people who just want to come to america critics say the us should be reexamining its immigration policies and withdrawal vis people to leave their home countries in the first place is more flash flooding in arizona with dramatic lifezette eating rescues the pima county sheriff's office releasing video showing the remaining hikers stranded on rocks surrounded by powerful flash flood waters turnkey varity falls carignon out so i do song of largescale rescue operation was launched by nine one one call sunday night seventeen hikers including a for you you old boy became trapped in flash flooding with all hikers now safe avoiding another flooding good astra for you stay plug the woman took the lives of ten family members caught up in flash floods and pace in a week earlier this gentleman also on wall street the dow is up one hundred one points i'm dave anthony fox news.

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