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Welcome back to fintech insider from eleven so the nomination for the British Bank awards two thousand nineteen have been released. And if you heard me on last week show quite excited by this. Of course for the first time, there's an award for consultancy if the on eleven of us have been invited to take part, which is pretty exciting. I know I'm excited. Do you? Well, you heard it on. We've been very Vanu Ryan knows what we do last year Toco, so stalling Bank money, but and wise alpha received great accolades, and we want to join him like, I don't wanna be left out. Do you want to be left out? Absolutely. No, I do not want to be left out. So if you love what we do at eleven if you love podcasts, then we'd love to vote just head over to be IT L Y forward slash warm one f s twenty nineteen that's two zero one nine. What was that? Ryan be. I don't know why this show is right. In the show notes, you can scroll pointed you can read out. Yeah. Just in case you was Ryan's doing Dolly food slash eleven f s twenty nineteen. Right now. And you happen to be commuting you you could just type into your phone. Yeah. You could do that. Right. Just eleven twenty nine do that guy. Would you do that on your phone? Probably. Well, yeah. I this guy's coming back. All right enough of me like pandering for votes. Let's move on. Story. All right. This one comes from the Nikkei Asian review and the messaging app line have crossed into banking with punishment with Mizuko. So they're going to loan that banking services in twenty twenty aiming to the sexy using domestic user base of seventy eight million in Japan, which pretty significant the venture will use Rimet small sums by smartphone and offer loans for the purpose..

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