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Sources and the the axe responded with those in the brooklyn brooklyn became a feat in and all that so yeah he's well jimmy before we wrap up saratoga a thursday and then what about the what about the made in the you got to you overland in in yeah they they have a form is in isn't the greatest but m i put them both in because i thought i prefer the one that obviously the one that is only good race was the turf race so i preferred him over the other guy but a witch hunt if some reason it comes off the turf we run i might even run a bolt if he draws in i might even run both get him going they poke and training together doing so ns and overland hasn't run on the turf yet so this might be might be worth worth it's you know just stead of waiting around for a dirt race it go might as well just getting going if take the very nice and click attached is a first samurais he's originally the brad cox had a last year is a two year old and how many you got her from mr anthony i have three i have these two and i have on race the three year old who's been training good name some sound these like either so safra clinton paid pretty good money from three three and a quarter or three fifty i believe that of a smoke glacken there i think he got very sick sick i think he got the mon you're something close to the monia but he had a they had a horrible time with them i know and the endless went to ocala for a good while and i had him having having mobile almost two months now maybe a little shorter two months but i love how extreme itself off it made me main stashes off their hope is hoping to start about three quarters but first made special up there for the horses is going seven so but but i think i think he's he's he's been working pretty hard and he's he's a hearty little guy and i like what i see so far we give us his name again psalms sound s o m e f sound i think i think it's i think it's a one in the santa these vacation spots in maine or something he names all his horses after you know like someplace where he comes from an arkansas sure off of places where he where where we like it go so it's kind of absolute pie timber and a and a of a who else is a a oh my god these other a so funny when you go springs you drive drive right across the road as you're as you're coming at the town one of one of his a like a field that a but of course now operating under shortly jimmy it looks like the years going great and a looks like it should be a great summer can't wait to see you and a no will talk soon all right thanks a lot always tremendous the catch up with jimmy jerkins and texas right to the top and you're jimmy jimmy's gotten very active on twitter were not were not gonna pretend the jimmy's doing the tweeting himself but right what are you doing anything i have you have you yourselves sent out any tweets you no not one all right we're gonna we're gonna do something in the paddock at saratoga we're gonna we're gonna get you the said that you're first week okay i reached the jimmy yeah so fun jay underscore jerkins racing

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