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Olbermann all the time and you know who listens to us people who are on the fence people who aren't just have not decided yet how to vote in november and they're watching our reaction sandy and a lot of people are wondering well how do republicans and conservatives feel when somebody who they support like this great tv show that came along and she sends out a a stupid offensive tweet how are people going to respond to that if we can be consistent and say that's wrong what she did just like keith olbermann is wrong just like joy reid was wrong just like the vicious left and they're a tax on donald trump are wrong i think we win people over to our side and we get people to vote for republicans and we're going to stay in control in washington in the house and the senate and the presidency if we go down a path where we sort of you know succumb to our worst though the worst of us and the and our and our on our lowest common did not our lowest denominators they're looking at us they're saying oh they're all a bunch of foul they're just what they accused trump's supporters of being and we're not sandy we're not we're not racists we're not you know what i mean and it didn't even watch her show but what i'm saying is we need to have a voice and when somebody as bad as stephen colbert is offending us right why how i aren't they have a why aren't they taken off but now because the people that control the networks feel the way they do the people that control abc nbc and cbs they're rooting for trump to fail as well that's why i'm so disappointed in roseanne the left didn't make roseanne send that tweet out abc didn't tell her to send that tweet out nbc gave her a show and nbc and she had a show that portrayed us the portrayed hardworking bluecollar people that love you know in her case love trump and look at all she made it all go away and nobody did that but her shandy she did you know if they are did she you know she offended so many chris call the call mental patients called mental patients how does that.

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