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CBS News brief from Wendy Gillette. 7 43 time for Cairo radio. Real time traffic with Chris Sullivan. What's it look like that? Well, I think it's fair to say that we are back to the pre covid kind of commutes that we were getting used to before the heat wave. Kind of put everybody back home for a couple of days. I mean, we're looking at 55 minutes now from federal way to Seattle, and that's just volume. 35 of those minutes are from South Centre into downtown, which means you're hitting the brakes right at the beginning of Boeing Field, and you're kind of on and off from all the way up into downtown. The rented the Bellevue Drive Right at 40 minutes again. It looks like a typical Wednesday from just a random day in 2019. I mean, just look, we're back. I think that's fair to say. Again heavy volume from renting all the way up through 44th, the Newcastle and 20 minutes from Auburn to rent in about 43 all the way from Puyallup to come has been pretty quiet this morning. Right now. It's not as bad as you might expect, especially on the I five North beyond Dr Eastbound. 16 has moved 40 minute trip from effort to Seattle or effort to Bellevue. Not quite back to pre pandemic levels, at least on the I five South bound drives out of Snohomish County. We do have some slowing coming down out of Mary's. Well, I told you guys about that for the last half hour paddle, it'll stall and crash over on the right hand shoulders. You came around the corner from 5 to 8 in Marysville leaves in about three minutes, probably on that whole drive from Arlington into efforts. So really not that big of a deal, car radio, real time traffic on the threes. I'm Chris Sullivan. Taking a look at your weather forecast. Today. It's going to be partly cloudy. 82 degrees is the high tomorrow is going to be more clouds but 79 degrees much cooler going into Friday and Saturday, where things warm up to the high eighties 63 degrees currently outside of the Carter Subaru Studios. Coming up next on the show we It's a question that we asked G. Scott once or twice a year, and it's this. Should we be paying attention to the NBA? Or.

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