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Black Friday. Total heating event is back through December. 5th call 855 49 smell or visit. Smell heating and air dot com Bobby Miller, double d T o P. Traffic Now check. The forecast is storm scene for a meteorologist Mike Stanford as a strong storm system passes off to our South Tonight, Rain likely rain, moderate to heavy a ties and overnight lows of the in the low to mid forties rains out of here by about eight or nine o'clock on Saturday morning, and then we'll turn sunny, windy and colder. And early high in the upper forties. The temperatures will fall for much of the day. Partly sunny skies blustery and colder and the weekend on Sunday house only the low to mid forties windshields on Sunday will stay in the twenties and thirties throughout the day. Now, on Monday, a week disturbance comes our way. It'll be partly to. Mostly cloudy can't rule out some lights that were snow flurries that little or no accumulation highs on Monday, I'll be in the upper thirties to lower forties. Good deal Sunshine on Tuesday but still rather cold. Tuesday's highs only in the low to mid forties. I'm storm team for a meteorologist Mike Standiford, Mike. Thank you. 50 degrees right now. In Annapolis, Maryland, 53 dump. Freeze Virginia and 46 degrees outside our studios and friendship heights. 7 30. This'll is w t O p Your resource for today's top news, traffic and weather, always connected and constantly updated. W T O p never miss a moment. W T O P s top news has brought to you by long fence 20% off savings on fences, Tax and papers. Go toe long.

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