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News I met Donna President Trump was in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was in New York and will be in Shanksville later today. This is the 19th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks. President Trump praised the people on the flight that crashed in Shanksville. No matter the danger, no matter the threat, no matter the odds, America will always rise up. Stand tall and fight back. Joint Chiefs of Staff chair General Mark Millie spoke at the Pentagon on 9 11. They tried to destroy us. But their murderous intent was never realised. Some events were scaled back this year because of the Corona virus. Another Arab country has come to an agreement with Israel. President Trump made the announcement at the White House. Rain will Fully normalized diplomatic relations with Israel. They will exchange embassies and ambassadors begin direct flights between their countries. This comes less than a week before the president host a White House ceremony to mark the establishment of full relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and AP tally of figures from Johns Hopkins University shows daily US deaths from the Corona virus is declining again after peaking early last month. A dozen states are bucking the trend and are reporting spikes in cases. A wildfire is virtually destroyed. Nicole Brown's hometown of talent, Oregon, We all have to help each other, you know. It's going to be really hard, but we're going to get through me Time in California. The North complex fire near the small city of Orville that exploded in wind driven flames earlier in the week was advancing more slowly. Today, at least 10 people have died. 16. Others are missing more than 2000 homes and other buildings burned in that fire in Northern California in Atlanta, a parking deck under construction has collapsed. Multiple people are trapped. One injured person has been rescued. This is AP News A new poll shows the pandemic has taken a harsh toll on the mental health of young Americans. Theeighty Shelly Adler has the story. A majority of Americans ages 18 through, 34 say they have atleast sometimes felt isolated in the past month, compared with about 40% of older Americans. That's according to the latest covert response tracking study conducted by Darcy at the University of Chicago, 25% of young adults who are going through life transitions like Wording college and finding jobs rate their mental health as fair or poor. Compared with just 13% of older adults. I'm Shelly Adler. India edged closer to recording nearly 100,000 Corona virus cases in 24 hours as it ordered retesting of many people whose first results were from the less reliable rapid auntie gin tests. Being widely used. India has the second highest caseload behind the United States. I made Donahue AP News AP.

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