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I have no issue with it but like most people say most men say he most women say she. Why is why? Is this a thing fucking kidding around about virtue signal right for somebody like this editor for digital trend which is too too good to come on the Kirkman. Shall we have a lot of those now in schools tune. Our teachers and principals put their pronouns at the end of it. Okay Okay any college administrator you have to. It's a virtue signal saying like I understand and I sympathize with the Trans Community. Now I'm curious. It's always he him which is different like different tenses. Could I do like identifies. He her absolutely good yes. Why would who'd say no in this world. Who's going to say no to that. Okay if you're GONNA do maybe do it art. Anyway was any goodness podcast a podcast. No it's not something visit you would listen to for entertainment. They're more just a laughs no not a lot of laughs so could they they take a reader questions and radio and this they haven't haven't done a hotdog eating contest yet as far as I know but they they reckon with questions from listeners like you know. I'm dating this Trans Girl but she's in the closet. What is absolutely beneficial. PODCAST is my point so some asshole administrators middle school putting his in there. It doesn't help anybody at all you just doing that just plot but this to me is a legitimately useful podcasts. My wrong shore somebody who supports education last time we played it. Learn learn stuff so if you're searching God for you know you just you're upset or you're down or whatever and maybe this helps see. I have no issue at this. I'm I'm not gonNA mock. This could be ev- I might be terrible but it's valuable is one of the issues they deal with credible by way was Mike Lee pranking in that voice being like yeah get some trailing. I'll take call trans issues and my oh boy friend Holland Akerson dump that fucking play along humor like you know. How would you see him anyways this all aboard. It'd be UNBELIEV too. Serious calls on road then some guy calling hey guys I still talk about. He's like hey judy yeah aunt Barbara. Keep it quiet down there. This audience is unbelievable. I still talk about gas cousy patriots offensive line but it's like you get to the point Mike. I'm here this all all right so she's got a guest sorry..

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