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You could learn more about different courses that we have available for high schools and high schoolers and for middle schoolers as well. That Billy is with us in Dallas. Hey, Billy, Welcome to the day for empty show. Thank you. Good afternoon, Mr Randy and Mr Coleman. It's a real pleasure to speak with you today. You too, sir. How can we help? Well, I guess a little background information. My wife and I are both retired and we were blessed to be able Tonto. Completely build and pay for a vacation home a number of years ago. Wonderful. We actually we actually bought this little state the property about 30 years ago and then Built a vacation home there about a decade ago. And as life has progressed, we decided last year to sell that vacation home. It was never used his rental property. It was just a family getaway. Um, currently, and for the last several years. My wife and I had been blessed beyond belief and are able to live on. Nickels and dimes pretty much And I've never been able to find an answer to how to calculate the capital gains on the sale of that vacation home or if capital gains will actually need to be paid. There will be when I brought Filed taxes. Check with your tax advisor. Check a taxi LP a day, Ramsey dot com But your basis is what you paid to build it. Plus what you paid for the land. And you because you know you're not appreciated it at all. No, sir. That's correct. But what I've seen is that capital gains taxes are zero up to a certain level of income for married couples filing jointly. And so I guess my question is does the sale and the proceeds of that vacation hold count as Income during that particular year that it was sold. I don't know. I'm not very good at taxes. I'm sorry, Billy. I think it does as far as I understand, but I want you. I really want to get some professional advice on this so you don't have investment income. Way do have retirement. We have retirement income, but we've not taken any proceeds from the retirement income yet, so none of it. None of it's taxable right now. No, any of my I raise and on that sort of thing I rolled over. Based on your advice. I rolled over my 401 K and the pension plan when I retired about 6.5 years ago, too. Our race, But we've been again fortunate that we've not had to take any procedure withdrawals from those retirement accounts. Um So my guess is it's going to be taxable at a capital gains rate. I do not know whether the incomes gonna count. I think it will count and we'll drive you up into that. And so you're probably gonna have a 15% capital gain on the Actual gain. What do you think you've got in the property? Well, we way actually sold it for 360,000. And as close as I could calculate our, um what we paid to have a home built and paid for the property is about 200,000. Okay, So you got 160,000. And the only question is how much is tax was gonna be on it or how much of it's gonna count towards this equation, you know? Yeah, I The truth is I You know, I know you don't. I know you have a game there. I don't know with you having virtually no income when you're gonna able to duck under the 15% or not, And that's a technical tactical question. And so I'm gonna have to say I'm I have to tell you to do what I would do, which is I would have to pick up the phone and call my here. My tax guy in my LP my endorsed local provider for taxes and get some help with that, And that's what I'm gonna have to have. You do. I'm sorry. I wish I knew the answer. But we didn't you need you do know how to calculate your game You've got that figured out and it's gonna be a 15% if there is a gain or nothing. If you're low enough, and it doesn't count And this doesn't drive you up above that limit, So I don't I don't know how. But I can't. I don't know how that works. Exactly. Sorry. Open phones. A triple 882552 to 5 Can I shouldn't have let you jump in. Because you really you're like a tax expert, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a tax expert is that is that I like to not be taxed. And I think that I'm a tax expert in that. I don't believe we should be text very much at all. And, yeah, It's all about political opinion is where I stopped. I'm an expert on my opinion about what I think that, But hey, that's why we have the old piece. By the way. I think it's a great illustration to say even with you. It's complex of some of the stuff you got going on. We all need attack a tax expert. This is a weird talk show because you know how many talk show hosts that actually will tell you I don't know. That is true. That's unusually thin, broadcast unusual answer in talk radio because they want you know those of us on the microphone. I supposed to know something about everything. Alright, Suzanna. With us in Tampa, Florida. Hey, Susannah, how are you? Um, I guess I'm not doing as great as you are. You guys sound great, But I'm a little bit embarrassed and also distraught because my question is not as wonderful as all the other questions. You know, everyone's been very lucky. Okay. What's going on? You two co vid and due to being laid off from my job 11 months ago had to cash out my insurance policy..

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