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Lgbtq women specifically affect queer women. You know it and the thing is once you start digging down those avenues a lot of white women and tap out then so becomes the problem. I think is one of those things where when you hear why people are against. It is always because they're conceding space to two white women. You mean when you think about like why it doesn't work i'm for self-determination and so you say hey. I don't want to be labeled us. I'm never gonna call. Somebody's gonna be called when it comes to that kind of but it's just when you listen to people's reasoning and of course in the has a bunch of patriarchal reasons of i don't wanna be labeled i know damn feminist. You know that kinda shit. There's of course the the the patronizing feminist Trope with a guy who's like i love women 'cause i wanna fuck them. You know that kind of thing and abusing anytime one of those guys is like exposed or turns out to be a fucked up person you got to do. The whole like never trust him and which. I'd never understand any way because that's always a weird thing. 'cause it's like never trust a man who says the feminist at the same time is always the people that are fucked up implying that like yes. Trust me stay. Because i hate you bitches like well. I don't know that essentially just don't trust. Nobody doesn't mean. I get you know but it's always funny make that category specifically dangerous where they are more More there's a higher propensity for them to be fucked up. When i think you know maybe it's probably about the same all around or whatever. Yeah and that does a very hard thing for people to perceive. Because i as far as like feminists feminism rodrigue was kind of more into it than me and was more outspoken than i was for a very long time and we'd had plenty of conversations on this show. I was. Don't don't call me that you know. Don't call me that because it's like once you pick that up all of a sudden you gotta pick up everything else fucking comes within the people like. I don't want the problems that come with it. I don't want you saying that. I'm kissing white women's ass. I don't want juice you. You're saying that. I don't care about certain things like i don't want that i just won't all-women to have the freedom a woman presenting to have the freedom to be whatever you choose to be whatever you want to have children fine. You don't wanna have to define you wanna have abortion. I'm their board. You wanna have a c. section. Have that done to..

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