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There's there's an koran i have these these all you to see these i have so many methods of memorizing things lost depending what the island he sits in on yeah the method shaked on me if calling lillian sammy four for governor the anybody on minka in the hawk from la who robbed bill is and what is this saying is and the likeness of the devil the shade dome is this when he says to the human being living sandy four no word that comes from kaffa cafes wasn't catholic translating katherine katherine is it disbelieving but its original meaning in idiomatic uses in app before koran was was the ungrateful that's what neo cafe is one who is ungrateful and it came into religious terminology when the koran was revealed because everything gets to you and you don't want it for bringing you out of bacchus jackie lee into the life you become a calf all right but this were off for four is a command form of cafe it is only command in the koran that satan gifts just wanted you know there are a lot of commands in the koran and things it said about him but is he gives one command don't be grateful same he gives the opposite of ham do alaska at be grateful praise allah who's giving you everything in these systems of knowledge readily manage your life and same offer yes no now but look what you say cafaro and when he rejects blah in ungrateful god you know you know what i'm saying guarda anybody on medicare sure i am three of him doing that yes now listen now i want you to understand in the body to bury this is a mechta and when you see that here it means what great emphasis berry on monkey that's like if i get you in trouble and then you tell you i suggest to you to do something you do it and then when you get caught what constant told me to do it thanks.

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