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Talk a little bit more approved boxing and how that all ties in the legacy and we've got drafted you know. I've been friends for Keiko. Speed sillier spacious by me. Yeah we're here watching the video going across so lan. Ron You know you guys are really you're here in Michigan and Detroit and You guys are really here to get out. Sue or local watering holes than to our local local liquor stores. I guess for lack of a better term to really help them understand what the Joe Louis brands all about. What are some of the things that you're doing Right now with everything that we're going through through this crowd through this pan-demic what are some of the things that you kind of have to tweak to get. The job was burned out there a little bit more The everything to be tweaked. We did a kick off with the southern wine and spirits team in it was a virtual Isuzu meeting kick off the first time in my in my career. We launched a brand in platform. So you gotTa do what you have to do and work with tools available and move forward on it and in take this story out to market. Show some folks. In an ounce hasn't success I am success with it gives you that minute to pause and tell them that forgotten story yet her show Serena. There's the Joe Louis Monument downtown. The story really isn't out while remembered in detail now on a percentage of people who want to connect with it in in in a really resonates as you share a hundred with that statement that you being a neighbor. Because you're kind of here on because you know we're actually a couple of miles away from one another. You don't know that but I do because this is what you said earlier but You really focus more on. The East side of Michigan were wrong. You're more focused on the northern part of Michigan to understand that right but Al Cross. His pants cheesiness. He's GonNa be territory pretty much kind of like big BIEBER and.

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