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On a sneaker deal. Wh what comes to mind that you know like guys coming back like what means the most to you knowing knowing that you've been here all this time and had such gird accomplishments one of the cool things is all those guys are still around here. Chancellor was in town and Dag run the most successful three on three tournament. The whole world called Hoop Fast Richmond realtor here in town and he still comes around Pal Resort town. And all those guys still live in town and like so. Many of our is moved back here Steve. And it's just like the greatest aspect of this whole program is Adam Morrison's radio guy that's awesome and Just all of them had such a great experience here. I was telling somebody the other day. Like I can't believe how many coaches you know. This isn't I'm not judging here but my miss out on to me. This is the greatest. coolest part of this Gig is like having all your former players. You know texting with Rui texting with Brandon. Clark you know Jeremy Pago. There's a name from the past him and Norville just got called up and as you're watching last night eight and they're both from You know the neighborhood the south side of Chicago and and I mean it's just awesome to be able to watch that share that and and I think when you bounce around from job to job and whatever and look people have to do that. I've been blessed and not have have to do that. I just think that's the coolest part of this thing by far pretty an an and in true fairness to you and all that I mean. That's that's a tough gig. He had to I mean Stanford was second. They had to play the agency. Exactly when I was just GONNA ask look of the brass Kamala to seeds. GotTa got to play a Gonzaga in Seattle so it took a while from a lot of stories Andy Cats and Scott and telling me how guy you are but I forgive you I forgive you all right. I always get over that bitterness. And now from the the beginning of when it became the local program that started to have some reach the makeup of your roster fascinates me you have guys from Texas and Washington and Oregon and then you have guys from Lithuania Molly. France Serbia Russia. I mean it's become a global brand with a reach around the world as a destination nation for these these best international players. How how'd you go about cultivating that? How did this happen that this is where so many of these bright talented internationals Z.? As this beacon. I want to go there and play for him. I you know Aronie Torri off was our first one and just went. He had such a remarkable experience orienteer- and moved on to play in the NBA. That I think the beauty of recruiting over there. And they don't have the the the predetermined You know propaganda that we all deal with. I mean I still hear about it like blue bloods and stuff like I mean what the Hell is a blue by like right now. You know what I'm you will you become seriously. I bet we I get what you're saying that what you mean I get what you mean. And and so the European kids the kids you know not the they don't have any of that so they just look at these programs like well. Wow you guys went all the time go to the NCAA tournament your ranked really high or on the ESPN you and you prepare guys for the NBA. What more could anyone want where you know? Some American kids are brought up. Well Oh man you gotta plan EC play and then you know what are you doing. And all that. And they don't have that they're just looking to hoop and get developed and and being a great culture where they're going to get taken care of and that's it and so When you got rony going back and say hundred eight experience experience he had and then also actually exemplified it and I'll just talking about it then it it you know we? We have a great reputation where there have an assistant coach. I mean that's just been phenomenal over there. He's developed a great network. Knows when he's wasting his time and when he is because a lot of those guys is you know our pros. It was already and so a lot of times people when they want to go over there. There's wasting their time because those kids are already destined to go pro so there's a little bit of a game figuring out well who's really serious about going to college and you know and and who isn't so We've been fortunate to have a great run of those guys. Think about a bonus. Think of the year down with It's been it's been fun I bet. And and it's listening to Steve Steve Complain About Stanford having to play against you guys in Seattle and I think back to you in two thousand eight. You're seven and they. They did your big fat favor attention to North Carolina in Raleigh to play Davidson. Which is how the hell does? How does it tournament committee do you guys like that and I feel like since then obviously lodge change you come a possessor to away from winning the title and now I feel like you guys have earned benefit of the doubt? You've earned it and I feel like I'm guilty right now. How few of applying to San Diego State? What I think people did to you for a lot of years where I just? I'm like I don't know how how good they are and I'm not saying they're not good because I washed play against air force the other day. I don't think they missed it three in the last couple of minutes. I if you don't lose a game on your good but but do you feel like maybe they're fighting some of that not power conference west of the Mississippi sorta East Coast bias. That maybe people like me. I'm trying to be honest and own it. Maybe that they have to fight against that. In the way you guys used to have to fight against against One hundred percent I think. And you know it's compounded by you know unless you stay up as late as two Baxter. Nobody really gets. It's to see those games and but then you watch like you know a dude like Malachi Flynn and you're like oh he's pretty good now and Certainly certainly I don't care if you go undefeated anywhere. That's an accomplishment. Amount West is no joke either. Those are those are tough arenas and it's tough travel of town. What are you going to Wyoming or New Mexico or you know those are places that take a lot of pride and in basketball and some of them have some great traditions But I think you know having been in the tournament now long enough you know like played one hundred fifty games or or something. Now you know that's not true. I know exaggerate but not by every game worth like seven. It's like dog years or something on I mean it just it all kind of comes around and evens out you know and I get to the point where like the committee can only try to do so many things and then there's this these weird little nuances that happen that our way out of their control and all that and including like I know you kind of luted this like a number one team that won seeds are fine but you know to Caesar great to and whatever you know so you Kinda as a coach you WanNa just get playing and not get too caught up in the seating and if ever there was a year not really worry so much about seeding man. Yeah it's just Oh. I'm all in a jar shakes out. Ah Yeah coach. I think as much of a problem is I could give is growing up in the nineties and kinetic early nineties in Connecticut and big Monday always been a tripleheader. You had to stay up to watch. UNLV and that's what you guys have become. And I think San Diego State to a newer frame is that you had in Gonzaga's on late. You gotta stay up and watch it back east. At least that's how I feel but also want to just pick your brain here a little off topic. I remember back in the day when you would call into Andy Katz and Mel Kiper Radio Show when I was producing. I know your big football fan. And you're always picking Melle Mel's brain about the draft. I think money or you were big. dwayne Jarrett Jared Fan at USC. Who's your who's your guy this week? Is there a quarter this year in the draft. You Herbert Guy. You believe it I mean I went to Oregon intermarried and ironically. I got my start coaching at the high school. Shelton high school and I mean so I know people that don't it. Sounds like he's just off the chart Guy And and really humble but yet just really really squared away and clearly had a great year. And it's pretty cool. Yeah enough confidence in himself to to come back But Man oh man that that LSU saying was your sure so. I don't know how you couldn't like those dudes and uh and and him and that whole story so and and You know and I really enjoyed watching Clemson. Clemson was just a heck of a A team that win they had over Ohio state was was it's Something so yeah I mean I I. I'm keeping not as close eye on. It probably caught up and all this stuff going on with us but It's good when NFL finally gets over and everybody just kind of start focusing on college ball. I can give you grief over that too but but you know the you know that. Me and Steve Russillo back in the damn you know we we more than a lot of folks probably here. We're immersed in it from the very beginning and we've been watching you for years and we've been watching you since the fall and you talk about talking to Jay Wright and you've you have gotten his right at your toes right up to the line and all you gotta do is bus through. Is there anything that you've talked to him about. Or that. You guys at that level have shared about would it. What's the difference between being the team? That has the parade and the team. That's just just I just on the on the short end of the stick by the by the fraction. And what's the difference in any of that. Is there any sort of secret sauce. I mean we talk about that and a really really good. I mean obviously a bunch of good buddies out there but another close friend of mine. Is Billy Donovan coaching with him and USA. Basketball all and and hanging out. And and I don't know I think it would surprise people what they say..

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