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Chicago do all right but your judgment is usually very bad and and not unlike when chris simms and his friend the news guts wandering around here and i had to clean pubic off your toilet seat because we had guests and i have to clean up after you me and allison have done a considerable amount of cleaning up after you this week because of this whole sister jean stuff and so alison what i want to ask you here is how come are you with any of the conversation i'm about to have because i don't want to betray any confidences with you but i've been trying to rein stugatz in on sister gene for a while i'm not comfortable you're not anymore now you're not comfortable with me saying any you're already here we're down this road so here we are well i told you i wanted to gas bag about the future sports media and jim brock mike chose chose this guys there fall you guys everyone changing sports media changed of my fault all right so i got it now we're in allison you can leave if you want this not any of your responsibility not wearing i can't keep easing always always something say why seven sister gina to say feel i for those of you who are new to the program i cannot keep telling these stories and teasing them and then not get to them i've got a wilbon story for you guys i've got a story for you about an espn executive i've got this story for you about what happened with sister gene you also have to get to mike stats tax and and so i wanna get to so let me explain to you what happened here with sister jean.

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