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It's not a recommendation just a blast from my past so that question was from zoe okay thank you turns out unbeknownst to zoe katie from toronto her pen pal called and left us of waste mail you are kidding no then when she found out zoe had also emailed katie sent us an email and just letting us know and she sent us photos of hearn zoe from when they were kids and then when they were as a dull in the same pose recreating the kid pose maybe my favorite people in this the cooler is the best so i have katie's voicemail okay look also wait quick aside did you have pen pals i tried i tried as an adult too but i failed i never wrote the person back and i need a keep meaning to but it's been like two years but i'm going to write them back okay i had one at nother elementary school in my town oh interesting did you have a pen pal i had i had some pen pals i had one in hungary oh that's cool how did you make the pen pal i don't remember there must have been like a pen pal service i feel like this would be a cool thing for facebook group to do because it would piggyback on daniel henderson's letter writing yes i like that idea and i think having a pen pal is so rewarding and exciting we did a secret santa gift exchange in the excellent adventure facebook group i've done a dead mom mother's day gift exchange with other women dead mom i love i love a hand written letter pen pal exchange that is a great idea kate spencer i would be fun that would be so fun i don't have the bandwith to take that on someone wants to organize it be free yes hairs katie's question okay hi dorey this is katie from toronto across over at a ceremony loving the new podcast so my question is i know there's been a lot of talk about faith washing time that i was wondering what you use to remove make use the same product or if you have a separate process for that my other question is my husband i celebrated our tenth winning anniversary and we're gonna be in los angeles this.

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