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Back. Thanks for staying on board to switch your news. 93.1 can pick a live everyone that I heard radio app. That's right school's out. It's not supposed to be this time of year. When do we will find ourselves in a position where schools will resume on what criteria cannot happen? And obviously as it is happening incrementally in certain places, But But what factors are influencing that and I found this piece written by Reportedly written by an eighth grade student, a young girl in Boston as compelling and the disparity that she shows in her family because she's got her own twin. Goes to a different school, which is interesting unto itself. But our twin attends a AA Jewish school, as does her younger brother, and they're back in school. They're back in real life school. And she points out the fact that the the Catholic schools in Boston, of which there are many Are all back in the end session and regular in person life classes. But around here, it seems to be delayed, delayed, delayed delayed and who is calling the shots on it and what may be the motivating factors. It was people who wanted to see Zoom stock continue to go up. Guess what? That took a tumble today. But what's influencing that? And is it really, truly being done in the best interest of the kids and just to just to get it right out there at a front? There are certainly some people who have an awful lot more to lose. By exposure to this virus than others, and when the home environment Is influenced by that reality, then yes, of course, By all means. That should be a consideration. And if you think about this if the vast majority of students Are attending class in person the old fashioned way. Ah, and it reduces the number of people who are participating the Elektronik platform of some kind that it seems as though the curriculum could be better delivered to them. There's also another I have a friend like a former student who shared with me recently. That her kids Are the fish. They attend public schools in the area, and they actually wanted to record The the the electronically delivered correct on the class, the actual discussion in the class and as a very concerned mother whose protective over kids she wanted that stopped immediately, So she she got engaged in the process and was able to bring it to a stop so Good for her. Let's get your call. Shall we? 808 34 15 30 checking with Jim in plaster Ville, Jim. Good afternoon. Welcome to the conversation. Thank you for holding on. Good afternoon, sir. It's an absolute honor and pleasure to speak with you and listen regularly. Well, thank you very much. Typically we are of one mind on I'm still still with you here, but I've been in the business of elementary education for 26 years in the valley here, um, and education has gone south in general. There are very few of us who think rationally and logically in public education today, But as we look at this whole situation, the bulk of the people the teachers, the practices that I know wanted to go back with the exception of those folks who who did have extenuating circumstances and people who they were trying to protect in there. Absolutely, and that should be respected. Agree. Now I agree that nobody just like everything else. Today. Nobody hates a bad teacher. Better in a good teacher. You know a good cop more so Unions do still serve a purpose. I don't know that they are influencing the heading backto actual instruction. As much as some might think. So. Keep that in mind, it might be in over generalization. And I'm fearful that we're all guilty of over generalizations these days. Well, then help me understand, Jim, Who is it? If it's not the years because I sense the teachers, many of the teachers Are anxious to get back in the classroom, With the exception of those who have those those challenges that you identify and just to kind of give you a little frame of reference on that. I'm very well aware, especially the area public employee organizations unions that is not uncommon for the political ideology of the leadership of those unions to not be anything close to a match. For the membership is in a. You think that exists in the Sita as well? That is 100%. True, but predominantly, I think that in education, at least the things that people are willing to admit to publicly in education. They are left leaning, and there's nothing wrong with that. You know, everybody is entitled. Well when it when it goes too far, and I suspect education might be one of those places where they're tied to politics is substantial. The portions of our dues that go towards supporting, uh Political platform and causes frankly, that don't seem to have anything to do with the improved working environment for the teacher. I understand a union advocating for better pay and working conditions. That's that's her job. They'd be they'd be guilty of malfeasance if they didn't pursue that, right. But in so many cases they take on causes and issues that have absolutely nothing to do with that, but seemed to a satisfy a certain political orientation and leading that again has nothing to do with the conditions, their circumstances under which they work. Sure in L. A unified within exists Exactly demand. Exactly Exactly. Remember a lot of California Teacher Association money being ported The Proposition eight campaign. And and again, I have no quarrel with people's advocating for the on that particular proposition as they saw fit. But how does that affect teachers in the classroom? The their bottom line that the conditions under which they work one of the things that I would absolutely want advocated for on my behalf of IRA public school teacher Is the ability to impose consequences on people who disrupt my class to have things go so far as to say that willful defiance of a teacher in a classroom does not result in support for that teacher calling for suspension from class. That student. That problematic student I think is just a classic example of where the union that collects money, And as I understand, it's a clothes shop. It says Exit confiscatory arrangement. I have no choice but to contribute to that as a teacher. That's how it was. When I was teaching the college system, the the impact of that not address the best conditions for the teaching environment, I think is his malfeasance. Jim. I appreciate the call very much. You're going to the last one today, just by virtue of time for those you're trying to get in calling tomorrow we'll have more to talk about tomorrow. That's it for me is you can tell by the sound of music but stick around because you have the lovely and talented Kitty O'Neil coming up next with the afternoon news. A chance to visit with you tomorrow have a spectacular evening news radio from California's capital City Radio station News. 93.1 KFBK.

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