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Look at the August jobs report and ahead at more data. Wins news time one I want Traffic in transit. Good morning, Jeff Jensen and Good Morning Lane and off to Brooklyn. We go where the nobody's moving on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, as you know, he spent about the Brooklyn Bridge only is close with an accident. Is a multi vehicle crash. Khun Bailout Hamilton Avenue or even Atlantic Androphy get that far. You know your way around the local streets. Or maybe maybe follow someone who doesn't know their way around. No service would, of course, or the B Q. E things are okay on the FDR Drive this morning, I mention that because we've had this closure many nights will probably be back later. But for now, everything wide open. I mean, later, but by tomorrow is what I mean by later. All lanes are open and 96 ft and looking good. Here's what we see on Long Island's Big three. The Allies OK, Northern state free and clear. No construction this morning. Southern moves Well, it's another one of the big roads with a full closure. Hempstead Turnpike shut down both ways between Stewart Avenue and Hicks were with one of seven. That's the That's the Bethpage Levittown border there. So police activity they're calling. You wantto stay way I'm seeing it on the champion a lot of police cars across both lanes. Elaine's both ways so us the Sunrise highway or seven states an option And here's what you need to know. But the bridges and tunnels Ah, the Lincoln is quiet with the senator shut from the other. No delays, the other open tubes. The Hollands quiet that George is doing well. Traffic in transit, every 10 minutes on the ones and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen. I'm Jeff Jensen on 10 10 wins. A massive fire in the Bronx could be seen for miles around. Seven firefighters suffered injuries to is serious..

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