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On Disney Plus Moon Night tells the story of a guy named Mark Specter, an elite soldier in mercenary who decides to fight crime after he becomes the human avatar off, Coach you the Egyptian god of the moon. Marvel has no common on this project. You're going to get hot Oscar Isaac on Disney, Plus okay, wait. I have to look him up. Oh, we'll have fun with that. Okay? I love him. Yes, he is. Poe Poe Dameron from the Star Wars universe. Yes, he and he's also a star of the upcoming dune, which we're not gonna be able to see in movie theaters until October. Still haven't gotten over that weight ever rubbing it made a rub the salt in there. First. Bradley. Well, it's just It's just the way things are now. Five. Yeah, he's He's quite the gentlemen that Oscar Isaac something that you could watch right now. Over on HBO. Max is the reboot or the latest adaptation of road tolls. The Witches starring Anne Hathaway. She was out doing press for that movie on live with Kelly and Ryan. And she confirmed that yes, She has a son and his name is Jack. We didn't know the name of the baby, and she kept her second pregnancy pretty quiet. And she did say she was expecting Jack while filming the witches and said it made it hard for the wardrobe department because they had to do some adjustments. Um, do you remember that period of time where we were unbundle Watch for Anne Hathaway. For what A weird episode of life. Simpler time. It was a simpler time. And finally something that you can watch right now, as well as a new music video for Harry Styles laid a single golden It's the fifth single from his second solo album called Fine Line. And Terry is prancing on the beach without a shirt wearing Ah, interesting hat. Okay, let me sell it. Interesting. I'm he is now.

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