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To here on the left side of that offense blind second down the less than one. Thorson in the shotgun. And this time he gives it off to Isaiah bowser the true freshman item, Ohio the first carry of his career. That's good for I doubt. Now, this is where you're going to take that he did not gain. It's it's no gain on the play. So bricks up third out. What I thought got it. He lost half a yard so third out of one here. The only ran for thirty two touchdowns a senior year. That's all he's pretty good. He's pretty good. Charlie man. Jerry, the true freshman super back. Yep. Third one green motions to the left wing, and they'll give it off to Larkin and Larkin pushes the pile down inside the fifty of the forty eight yard line. And he does have a first album the minute thirteen to go in the first quarter northwestern late except nothing bows out of Sydney, Ohio. He was the Ohio player of the year is decided by the Columbus touchdown club. Burst down at the forty eight. Aww, accurate as the cats cross midfield. Again. Green starts in motion. Come set snap to Thorson. Lots of time for Clayton wings the far side coming back to make the catch sclerotic jumped out of bounds right around the first album marker at the thirty eight yard law by dairy and daily most of big target. But he hasn't had that many catches this year. He's only had three. Three last week against Duke. So he's be little bit behind his norm. That's his eighth of the year. Good for nine yards. You'll take nine yards on I out every time or gently trips left for the Wildcats. Second down at what the gift who Jeremy lark it plunges off the right side. He's got the first down to the thirty seven yard line as the clock ticks down to thirty seconds. Devante jest junior defensive lineman stops him. I out for the Wildcats to the thirty-seven Jeremy off to a nice start here. The first quarter here tonight. The Wildcats I down. He's got thirty eight yards on the night. I down to the thirty seven yard line. All zaps twenty seconds to go the first quarter thirty eight yards of making a lot of guys look foolish on their defense. Boy, he had made a lot of guys miss so far. The Wildcats are gonna let time run out here. The first quarter and had to the second with a seven nothing lead. So we reached the end of one. That is the end of the first quarter. With the end of the first quarter time for hells brothers coffee break at the end of one northwestern, seventy Akron, nothing. This is north western football, presented by wintrust traffic. It can be more stressful than that last. Second hail Mary pass. But Nissan changed the game. Nissan. Rogue has a billable Scientology, mobility like pro pilot assist that can start and stop in highway traffic all on its own and help keep you center. Nissan rogue. It's a game changer Nissan com supporter of college athletics. Pro pilot assist isn't available featuring.

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