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America. And how do people get the book? Is Amazon brave enough to carry the book? Yeah, so they have, that's brave. Yeah, they have made a decision not to not to take big controversial books down now. They had made other decisions in the past, but right now they're leaving them up. I think you just have to try to figure out, so where are we now? Because most people, they're busily living their lives. They don't have time to think about this. But we lived in a culture. I mentioned areopagitica. John Milton from John Milton till today, until recently, we understood these things. We understood that the only solution if somebody is putting out bad books is to put out some good books, you know, put out everything and let people decide. And that really was the standard in a free society until extremely recently. Sure. I mean, whether it's a book by Woody Allen or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or any of a whole number of authors whose work have been canceled, it seems like the better way to deal with books that you disagree with is to describe what you disagree with. I mean, I don't think historically it's ever gone well for a society that is deciding what people can think about, what they can read. I mean, that's an understatement. People, I mean, look, there are people maybe young people that are so ignorant that they don't understand that ten minutes ago, there was this thing called the Soviet Union. That today, as we have this free conversation, there is the Communist Party in China that is brutally crushing, imprisoning, persecuting, torturing, murdering people with whom they disagree. If you don't care about that, you have no soul or you sold your soul. You need to care about these things, and you need to care when that kind of thinking enters this culture. And it's something that I talk about whenever I can..

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