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Investor. That I will bear to faith and allegiance to the scene that I. Take this obligation freely about any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and fully discharge the duties of the Office on which I am about to enter. So help me God help me God so God. Welcome to the youth I'm Chuck Rosenberg and I am honored to be your host for another compelling conversation with a fascinating guests from the world of public service this week. My guest is has the highest ranking woman in F. B. I. History. Amy Grew up in Jeffersonville Indiana a small town just across the Ohio River from Louisville Kentucky as a child. Amy Dreamed of being an astronaut. She studied `aeronautics astronautical engineering at purdue. Amy is a rocket scientist, but poor eyesight dashed her NASA dreams instead. Amy Got her start in the FBI as As a special agent in Kansas City working violent crime cases, she was one of the first agents in her office to be part of a new evidence response team, and won her first assignments as part of that team was to Oklahoma City, because of the horrific domestic terrorism attack on the Murrah Federal. Building in Nineteen ninety-five. Amy Rose through. FBI RANKS TO RUN THE MEMPHIS AND LOUISVILLE field offices, and to run to large divisions at headquarters where she oversaw FBI technology in one job and the FBI's criminal and cyber work in another. Today she is back home as the Chief of Public Safety for Louisville Kentucky where she manages several vital city agencies and they'll retired from the FBI. Amy Continues to serve Amy Hess welcome to the oath. Thank you great to be here well. It's great to be Anura. Town Louisville Kentucky welcomed local. You grew up right across the Ohio River in Jeffersonville Indiana now. I did suburb of level located right across the Ohio. River, so tell me about that. Jeffersonville is a great place to grow up. I had a I think basically idyllic childhood. I went to Jeffersonville, high school public school. Yes I was fortunate enough to grow up on the end of cold sack, surrounded by neighborhood, full of boys who like to play football and baseball and basketball, and all those things and my dad was lawyer..

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