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Got a lot of speed of the base paths here hanson a runs extremely well over at first and worke showed fast runner at third so buster posey who has grounded out to first and walked will come up five just re the giants are trailing to bet on one that out and the pitch buster takes low outside with a fast ball one ball and no strikes posey came into this game or the lifetime average of three twentythree against go heerden's fastball that is outside wall too several inches off the outside corner miller heating up in the nationals bullpen and more after that two and pitch that is called a strike and didn't have to be called a strike so most geo being unhappy about a couple of pitchers got him a call right there that was still a few inches off the corner and he called it a strike for some reason to and won the count here's a stat and the pitch and that is low designed the corner this time actually over the plate but it was too long three and one in that light sprinkling of rain that started i think it stopped almost as quickly as it started three and one the buster posey here it comes inside and he walked him and the bases are loaded that is the fourth walk in these last two innings issued by gio gonzalez walked posey and way of in the third and now panic and posey this ending and that's going to be off gio gonzalez so he lasted only three and a third innings he had a five to nothing lead until huntley's three run homer made it five to three in the third and he got only one out here in the fourth inning so the move is made gio gonzalez departs having throw ninety seven pitches in this one in only three and a third.

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