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US shorts with Neo me Waterson Albert, Frederick. High. This is naming lettuce welcome to the vast shots myself Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic spirit. And its relationship to creativity, mental health and emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trigger warning. These adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later. Otherwise dive right in. My guest today is my friend, my young friends. I don't mean that in the dispersion where in celebrate rate, my young friend Amber Cohen who is the daughter of a good friend of Mine Sam. and. I decided to interview amber for a whole host of reasons amongst those the fact that she's articulate intelligent enthusiastic. There I say visionary and also I was thinking, should i? Talk about with us should. Of Go into this into and I remember the first time I took you a new mom to hampstead ladies pounds, and it wasn't like a Balmy Day. Day where it might have been a challenge to go into a huge dark poems of cold water. And my images view. I thing in so this is the poems. I'm doing slow. Franck crawl across. It come Olympic swimmer, and for me that says so much about you, and about how you dive into things, and although you have this very powerful intellect, your physical engagement in the world is equally important. Would you say that is correct description of? The I think probably is when you say that. The first thing that jumps to mind is always like rugby sports which anyone who knows me knows I speak about lot, but I think. I've always had that space where I could get out of my head where you like. There's something comforting about knowing that no matter what was going on in my life on a two hundred day I go somewhere and I wouldn't have to think it was all kind of instinct. And even when that meant that I messed up terribly. That was a release knowing that I hadn't kind of. Over what's myself into a decision? I'm definitely someone who kind of worries themselves to pieces. And try to think of every possible angle and kind of my attitude. Analysis paralysis. You. Think about what you should be doing and how you might be. Seen as by doing these things that you don't actually do anything. which is probably the least. Productive dateable. So I think yeah deafening sports. And this kind of those physical spaces outside. is well the family. Take care is food. Those kind of. Experiences convert, put them into words, and you kind of just have to bring it back to south and body and his pay attention to what you're doing what you're feeling. Yeah, I! Think that's a very human thing today. The on the everyone that feels that. I know, but I it's interesting. Because I've interviewed of people and you're the only one talks about it in that. Specific way about like this analysis paralysis always having this freedom, this option of freedom, which is profoundly physical engagements in the world am I do know because your parents both like restaurant quality cooks I made it, so you do live in a restaurant that happens to also be a family home. Things about quarantine, not having to Cook my inferior at university, so stay with cooking. So I'm thinking that because your universe, so say a little bit about what you're studying what it's meant to you to. Leave home and become student that sort of huge change in your life because it's so significant for us all. 'cause not everybody. Goes to study and leaves home. Not Everybody who leaves home goes to study so when these two things are happening together. It's very profound change so the talk a little bit about that I think first of all I kind of just felt like I was ready to leave for very long time. I think that feeling in itself was something. I had to walk through so. Like I've always growing up. We always moved around a lot. So when it came to moving into new spaces, that was something I was quite familiar with, and I definitely felt at various points. My life is kind of desire to kind of pick up and go and just put myself in new experience and. Until I think university was something I've been longing for for a while. Because of that I think also just as a space where I could throw myself in something that I was passionate about an ready. Get my teeth into it without all of the rebate Brubeck and hoops and dolls of examinations and stuff I mean there's still a bit of that which covering now. But I was really looking forward to it in that sense, and it has been a lot of those things to me, but I think part of the biggest learning curve with. Dealing with that feeling of wanting to be somewhere else when it wasn't where I was. Not Definitely, not something that I've. Mastered it yet, but just this kind of this trying to be. At peace with where I am and what I'm working. Even as I'm looking forward to things in my future, so. I think that last year of sixth form were like what was important. Moderate was. Taking the time. To start to try and appreciate where I was even if that wasn't where I necessarily wanted to be. A not for be quite patent, not for quarantine. Stephanie become this space of of slowing down and going okay, yes, as important as doing those things and going to these places might be. Actually that doesn't mean there isn't a space where I am now. And actually linking that linking the two things together again. One of the things I definitely been feeding about about quarantine even was just. You know this difficulty in adjusting between. Living as an individual autonomous individual at university, where the only thing i. Worry about is myself my work to? Like back into unit of four. And this feeling like at this time in my life, I want to be the ultimate ultimate individual. WHO's doesn't have to worry about anyone else. In this kind of left to make my rumors messier as clean as needs and kind of have to deal with the. Outcome and consequences of that by myself. The tension between that's kind of want to be where I feel I need to be at this point in my life, but actually being home with my family. Has I think forced me to come into contact with. Other kind of deeper issues, but things I'm walking through and like. I didn't know what the right word is. It's not problems, but. It just facet of my life where it's at the moment, I need to think about through the. Kind of overlooked if I've been at us because my mind was always looking to the next thing. How's it been.

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