President Trump, Mike Flynn, Komi discussed on Mueller, She Wrote


F._b._i. Investigation <hes> he knew that komi <hes> testified saying that there's an investigation and komi wouldn't say that trump wasn't wasn't invent under investigation and not only that but flynn was under investigation and that was all that was important to flynn so trump in the same day the president told advisors he wanted to call dana ben tae the acting attorney general for the russia investigation to find out whether the white house or the president was being investigated and a march thirty first the president signaled his awareness that flynn remained in legal jeopardy by tweeting that mike flynn should ask for immunity before he agreed to provide testimony to the f._b._i. And in late march <hes> the the president asked mcfarland to katie macfarlane to pass a message to flint telling him the president felt bad for him and that he should stay strong further demonstrating. The president's awareness of flynn's is criminal exposure so this is all that stuff that was in the flynn <hes> sta you know <hes> obstruction of justice stuff where he didn't really think that that was necessarily asking talking to let the flynn go thing. Go doesn't seem like that was an obstructive act but he said but keep and put a pin in this for later and now it makes it's relevant here because flynn being under investigation is the next to a criminal proceeding. Oh okay okay and and then we have intent and you'll find out in this section why it was important. <hes> that trump knew that flynn was under investigation and how that went to his intent of fire in komi and it's it gets it gets cool substantial daniel evidence indicates substantial evidence indicates that the catalyst for the president's decision to fire comey was commes unwillingness to publicly state that trump was not under investigation despite the president's events repeated requests to comi to make such an announcement and not just call me he has to everybody and in the weeks leading up to comas may third senate judiciary committee testimony <hes> trump told mcgann it would be the last straw if komen set the record straight <hes> but during his may third testimony komi refused to answer the questions about whether the president was being investigated and combs refusal easel angered the president who criticized jeff jeff now for leaving him all isolated on an island you left me on an island and two days later the president told his advisors he had decided to fire komi and dictated a letter to stephen miller that began with a reference to the fact that the president was not being investigated so this this this is really driving this home this tell everyone. I'm not investigated telling him well. I greatly appreciate appreciate you informing me. I'm not under investigation. Concerning what i've you know. Call which on that's how that letter started with firing have coming and the president later asked rosenstein to include the russia stuff in his memorandum put it back in there and to <hes> say the coma had told the president he was not under investigation and the president's thousands final termination letter included a sense at the president's insistence and against mcgann's advice and that pissed off rosenstein stadium tacoma had told the president on three separate occasions agency was not under investigation the president's other stated rationales why he fired comey or not similarly supported by the evidence so let me read that again the president's other stated dated rationales for why he fired comey are not similarly supported by the evidence so basically they narrowed it down to yeah yeah and so so the terminally termination letter the president incentive miller <hes> sorry the termination letter the president and stephen miller prepared in in new jersey cited commes handling of the clinton email investigation and the president told maccabee be fired comey for that reason but the fact surrounding combs handling of the clinton email investigation were well-known to the president at the time he assumed office and the president had made it clear to both komi and the president senior staff in early two thousand seventeen he wanted komi to stay on as the director nice facts see how well evidence says you lied about that and and so <hes> rosenstein rosenstein articulated his criticism of comas handling of the clinton investigation after the president had already decided to fire komi according to the president move dr octa lester holt and the president's draft termination letter also stated that the morale at the f._b._i. Was an all time low..

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