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Just in view when you're when you're thinking of naming your children unless you want them to be a more of of the thing think ahead but again an eddie circus in this as as this villain he's easy call he's over the top ulises claw and is he just actor andy circus or is he likes cg no andrew slow there's a part of an siegee oh and if you sides of all trying you know what that will be key clause others spee part of mcg i just thought of this go on motored parbat metro that has what is what matt fruhwirth zimmet oh he is max headroom oh and there is a moment when you first meet him wherever they kind of do this cg thing on his face that is so cool you can't stand it this displaying from adam pathan the crash southbound wall avenue twelve th street and weaver county the centre lane is closed there that's the only accident being reported so far this morning although some friends in the program saint people are tailgating knock it off and that was a must moscow that's true from right well god now as we go into this so i wanted to say that are all all celebrity djs are impersonate here in this commercial aww i have a news story about a coming up old our good friends at the advocates rigs bilzen day um they um now we we meet with them and talk to them occasionally mountain once twice a year pow we get together with them and they talk about the kind of law firm that they are the advocates and and what they do and how they feel about these cases and you know anything we say here in these ads are things that we have learned from them and and i believe them to be true because matt briggs says a straight ahead god show um there's a with the advocates if you've been in an accident and you don't you you've you're wondering what how do i handle all this what it's a what to deal with you gotta call somebody haul the advocates eight on 35 555 fifty he got to deal with your car you gotta deal with medical bills you gotta.

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