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Minutes, and we do for the next five hours right up until six where else the fan right here in New York City, and it's going to be jam packed show when you have the reigning champs on the doorstep civilization. Anybody saw this coming in this year is NBA finals will dive into the mastery of Leonard, and he wore rounded Toronto team that is one win away from an NBA championship as we move closer and closer to game five on a Monday night. We'll get to the gritty start out of Stephen Madsen a much needed win for the New York bedside set at night. But we thought with the New York Yankees and folks, you had to understand. That for a team that was basically playing seven hundred baseball since what second or week of the year that sooner or later, there was going to be one of those weeks, where things did not fall perfectly into place for this New York. Yankee team that it was going to be a we that it was going to be a moment where there was some adversity. Dad, it up a couple of losses. They didn't play particularly well, and that is what you have seen here in the report of what five games now against the Toronto Blue Jays and a Cuban Indians, let's call. It is the Yankees have had themselves. A lousy week. The Yankees have had a week in which they have not gotten out starting pitching. The Yankees have been unable to get the time we hit the Yankees have not done enough as a whole offensively. I mean Friday and Saturdays games will basically a microcosm of each other. There were carbon copy the Anki jump out to an early lead. You have the return of Didi gregorious, which is a sudden for so rise. Listen with TD in any of these Yankee players, and we'll get to this in a minute. The idea that you're going to tell me, you're better team without Dini gregorious is the biggest bunch of crap on the planet. I mean, let's just call like we see it as a gamer Dini's guy's gonna want play every day's already fighting Aaron Boone about the idea sitting out on Sunday and he's the hitting machine. He's gonna feel this position. Well, he's going to help this team, a great deal. So you wanna positive from the weekend, it's the fact that Dini is back in. He is back. It looks like with the vengeance, but unfortunately Friday's game and Saturday's game the score early their starter falters, and then the offense basically shuts down for the final six or seven innings. You know what you sell in Saturday's game. Two narratives. What CCC Matthew while up? I was going to be future hall of fame. I didn't key has been an outstanding outstanding member of the New York Yankees. But I think it's very important to understand and realize what feces about the brings to this team. Is there a problem starting feces about the every fifth day? Of course, now the guy's a fine fish star at this stage in his career, he's going to pitch right to a sub for your Ray. CC's eight. Okay. Going out there every fifth day, but you've got on the stand. You're not getting more than five or six innings. This is not a guy's gonna go, particularly deep into games. And when we move into big boy, baseball that when we talk about big games down the stretch and for Yankee team that will be playing in the postseason. What talking about postseason baseball, CC's Tabatha at this stage in his career can no longer be making postseason starts for this team. And I remember coming on the air last year right after the Yankees lost game four of the division series to the Boston Red Sox in. That was my big takeaway. And I kind of went through this like metamorphosis of I didn't want back and then I did want him back. I was okay with the Yankees bringing them back at the end of that. But I have said, over and over again. It's got cannot pitch in a postseason game as far as being a starter because this stuff is not good enough. And if you're gonna put CC against the Lexi's thin, the Minnesota Twins, the Tampa Bay rays. The Boston Red Sox, you name the team in the American League, he's not a guy's got that sort of stuff that'll be able to get you the store that you looking for. So I think her mom cooling off the way that he has Sobat looking the way that he has. It makes it that much cooler for Brian Cashman, and company that they will need to go out and get themselves. A starting pitcher who's not just going to anchor the back into the rotation. No. I've talking about a starting pitcher, who is going to make a difference for this team. Dallas Cowboys that guy. I know I'm going to fight some Yankee fans on that. I know some Yankee fans are going to be telling me, Dallas gyco could have been that stood sorta starting pitcher. I just don't see it. But the Yankees, gotta find that guy, whether it's Madison Bumgarner whether it's talking to the Cleveland Indians, if by some miracle the nationals pushers on trademark and I wouldn't be hitching my wagon to that one. They need that sort of front end starting pitcher to complement, Tanaka to complement, James Paxton to hopefully at some point, compliment Luis Severino and go from there. So that's got to be on the priorities list. And I think it's been pretty obvious watching these two games in Cleveland, the Yankees need that sorta got number two. There is this narrative that is out there that some of you tried to lecture me on that I've heard from some Yankee fans and I just found it comical. I found it laughable, the idea that anyone could suggest that the Yankees would be a better baseball team without Aaron judge without data Gorey's, and without Giancarlo Stanton. Well, I think these two games including one with the way the Yankee offense has just gone ice cold after the second third inning should teach us all a pretty valuable lesson. The idea that the Yankees or better team without that three guys that I mentioned is beyond laughable. It's beyond comical. They need these guys back. And if this losing road trip if this bad stretch over the last four, or five games going to tell you, anything, you know, it's going to Bill. It's going to have those Yankee fans saying, you know, maybe we don't need those gas which was foolish to begin with maybe coming today. Senses having that moment at the eleventh hour, they realize you know what I sounded like a damn fool, and yet the feed those guys back in a lot of because I don't know about you guys, I've sick and tired of watching Kendrick Morales did it pass. But if the Yankees team, I'm going back and forth with Robbie today's we're getting ready for the show. How about that ground ball, and trying to come back and it felt like they will get a couple of guys on base. He hits the ground ball with Frankie Lynn door sees clever tourist feeling third walks over at their base thinks about maybe trying to pick them off at their base. Then proceeds to look at first base and Morales is like a away down. The live I could hold on. Open tryouts at WFAN. And by the way, a majority of the staff is not exactly the fastest group of people in the world. Exactly going to be the footage defeat. You know. They might be countries Morales one on wanted to race. But more importantly, forget about his foot speed. Can't hate. This guy's been a good point throughout his career with the angels with the royals with the Blue Jays. Here's a bit of total stiffen the big leagues. But when it's time it's time I think we will know that when it's time it's time for give him play. Kansas barral. It's no longer serves a purpose on the Yankees. So for those who want to argue with me, well, Giancarlo Stanton, a Kendrick Morales. You're gonna tell me the Yankees, a better off without Giancarlo Stanton watching Kendrick Morales setbacks. Give me a break you gonna tell me you'd rather have Cameron may. But in the lineup of Aaron judge, thank you again, and we all brick owner Brett Corner's been good Yankee. Brett Gardner has had a lot of big hits in that uniform. Brett Gardner is certainly feeling the heat and the double in which he was robbed it led to the sort of outbursts, that garner, actually was lecturing DJ LeMay. You in not doing only ago because of how important DJ LeMay you is this team? He was basically DJ make sure you being careful with a helmet thrown about. We can't lose you important through good. Well, garner gets robbed these in this old for nineteenth streak, and he's lost for good majority of it today. He actually deserved better. I mean a couple of bowls. Right on the screws. But that just goes to show you baseball can be a very cruel and a very harsh game. But the bottom line for brick on, or is this, he's no longer a guy, the Yankee should be relying on to be an everyday player again. It keeps bringing me back to these guys that are on the shelf, the have done a remarkable job in Europe. Since the fact that this is their first losing a week. Despite all the injuries they have had. I think it's a testament to job that Aaron Boone has been able to do. I think it's a testament to the job this Yankee team as a whole has been able to do this was inevitable because over the course of one hundred sixty two games. I'm sorry. You're gonna lose. I don't care who you plan on care. What the schedule may look like there is going to come appointed time we hit the skids a little bit and a great teams. Find a way to nip it in a but leave it in a short term type of fashion and proceed to the next week. That's what you want the Yankees through Sunday. And then going into next week with a take on the Mets. And then they take on the Chicago White Sox. I will be out there Thursday and Friday US cellular field, or Comiskey, or whatever the hell they call them that part these days. Good walk trying to figure that out. But this was inevitable for the Yankees. And I think this losing skid it tells you three things one, the a front end stone in pitcher, not breaking any ground there. I think we all knew that, too. The Yankees need members of the cavalry back. And three seeing the Anki actually lose a couple of games here shoot. Silence. Any notion that some of you may have had that the Yankees there, I say better off without the particular players. Then this, this kid does Giancarlo Stanton comes back in a week actually tastes a little pressure off him. He came back to team that was playing seven fifty baseball that and had a losing week in about seven or eight weeks at Stanton had like one of those two of eighteen weeks like ten strikeouts. He'd be.

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