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Driver last week is out on bail old Sean Walker of. Rachlin was allegedly, speeding and on his cell phone at the time of the collision he. Faces two counts of vehicular manslaughter and will be arraigned next month officer Kirk griss had pulled over high may Manuel along interstate eighty and Fairfield when the crash happened in both GRIs, and men well were killed a memorial service and procession for the. Officer is scheduled for eleven AM today at the father's, house church in Vacaville the Santa Clara county DA thinks that the. State should speed up the testing a bullet casings KCBS is Mike Cogan says. Jeff Rosen is sponsoring a Bill that would do just that Rosenthal the state is missing the. Mark when it comes to analysing gun-related evidence rapidly the idea here is to reduce the time Time. That it takes to examine that, shell casing, to take that, from, months to days because when you take something from months today's you, can much more quickly solve crimes Rosen says bullet-casings distinctive. As fingerprints no two fingerprints are the same and no two shell casings are in the same so. Even if you have the same make and model of a. Gun and you, fire a bullet from that gun the shell casing that subjected will look. Slightly different from the same make and model of a different gun that fires at Rosen says a casing database would reveal up the same gun is used at another crime the Silicon. Valley bureau why Colgan KCBS Trump plans to nominate former federal prosecutor. Dave Anderson for US attorney. For northern California Anderson is, currently a partner at the law firm Sidley Austin which is headquartered. In Chicago with offices in San Francisco Anderson is a Stanford law school grad. He clerked for supreme court Justice Anthony Kennedy In the early nineties a state Senator from the East Bay is. Crafting legislation that would end the practice, of, releasing county jail inmates late at night, KCBS gentle lane reports it's inspired. By the recent death of a Berkeley woman Lewis's death was avoidable state Senator Nancy. Skinner says the loss of her constituent moved her but that other counties in California have also seen cases of late, night or early morning releases from jail playing a role in someone's death we weren't releases during business hours I want releases where there, is some coordination either shirts of a right to the person's home or a. Safe place and some. Kind? Of coordination with the services that the person might, need a spokesman for the Alameda County jail where Jessica Saint Louis had been held so the real issue, in her case was not the time of her release but drugs she might have taken afterward. That has not been confirmed by, toxicology testing Gentlemen KCBS new. Grant from the port of Oakland, is going toward helping low income workers break into the construction industry KCBS is Keith men Coney reports of the money comes at. A time when there. Is a growing need for skilled workers the Oakland based. Rising sun energy center will put, the. Seventy thousand dollar grant towards a training program that, prepares workers for jobs in the construction trades the timing is pretty good the group's executive director Jody Pinkas says she's never seen so much. Development happening in the bay area. But she says there is a shortage of people with the skills to do the work and so we absolutely need to train people for those jobs that are good job it's not just about work skills the group is also helping participants deal with a number of. Barriers to employment whether it's housing issues whether they need more supportive services whether, they have record expunged issues or they need support with their driver's license even the Port of Oakland is in, need, of. Skilled construction workers with a, number of, ongoing, development. Projects, of its own so it's hoped that some, of those trained. Through, this. Program we'll, be, able to find construction work right there at the port keep men Coney KCBS coming up on KCBS I'm Carrie. Hodousek with more on, the results of a new study that looks at over fifteen years of data on the federal government's. Practice of detaining asylum seeking family is four fifteen here's your sports line with Bruce McGowan let's check out what happened on Thursday night in the major. Leagues Johnny Peralta slammed a. Three-run first-inning Homer is, twenty second of, the year and starting pitcher clay Buchholz went the distance striking, out six and allowing only five it's in Iran as the first place Diamondbacks beat the, Padres in San Diego five to one other finals from Thursday raise over the Yankees. In the Bronx three to one. Mets broke a team record with twenty four runs in a single game bashing, Philly in the first, of two twenty four two four, well Philadelphia return the favor winning, the second game nine to six rocky snap. The Braves Five game winning streak with a five three. Win in Atlanta national snap Saint Louis eight-game skiing with a five four win cubs blanked the pirates one nothing John Lester. Eight strikeouts in six shutout innings of work giants back in, action Friday night at Cincinnati they'll be without the services of starting. Pitcher Derek Rodriguez the outstanding rookie on the. Ten day deal with a strained right hamstring apparently suffered that injury during a scrum Tuesday night in LA when the dodgers and Nick Hundley the giants mixed it up meanwhile the as. Have an important series Friday night against. Houston the first of three against the defending World Series champions manager. Bob Melvin his team has. Won. Thirty eight of. Its last fifty one game says his team is feeling pretty good confident they're confident play hard we played. The same pace every day no matter what whereas on the other team I, mean we were there's never really any, letdown from our clubs I think they're. Just looking forward to you know the position that we're in the intensities heiresses kind of, make, up. Of the manager Bob Melvin, as one, a, day. On, the, PGA golf tour I ran action of, the Wyndham championship. In, Greensboro, North Carolina Branch brand, snicker. Became a tenth player. In PG history to break a sixty, with a eleven, hundred fifty nine his round. Featured ten, birdies and, an eagle to know what you're trying to. Do and step up there have a, twenty footer, and know what it means I was very aware of what was going on and that was really special nether part of a small club on. On tour people done this and really cool feeling, right now Was just one short of the tour record set by Jim furic back in two thousand sixteen at the travelers championship coming up and a half an. Hour a look at the NFL preseason sports at. Fifteen and forty five on all news one zero six nine AM seven forty. KCBS adopted.

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