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Siebert radio broadcast <hes> they were talking about comics gate. They mentioned me you can i comment on their their <hes> their twitter twitter. Take had i commented on mixed. Media forced podcast outside outside long <unk>. Try that again outside long box pesky pasco. That's martin petco greg writer. He did some g._i. Joe episodes that had commented on it and tag a minute which will get you a little bit here. Sparks eleven hundred steve dash e l f m podcast asked the after movie diner the countdown pod the harare club podcast and three minute podcast a movie on another comments and things from twitter. We adjust loved seventy five. She posted the picture her wearing her pennies on the outside or pants. This is after i made a comment about the baroness's mrs group her women troopers doing the same sort of g._i. Joe the one where the jobs go to the alternate reality offense that jess <unk> are just love love seeing that pitcher agree leonard h g. He says grapes oh gentleman. I believe this was a regarding our last episode shoot <unk> twenty-seven secretive so gentlemen you avoid court martial yen and jared nipple talk. Get you the barracks in. I don't know what you're talking about but the real here this episode is the helmet. What's it made of the which was at. I'm not sure yeah. I think i was one of the jokes. Helmets deflected a bullet yeah that that helmets should have been the the real american here the episode thanks larry h. G. moving on there was also a comment from home schooled film school. This is what i made a comment. It's about a cop. Give a military guy in a tank a hard time. He said actually guys. I have a friend of national guard. He told me a pretty good story about one of their members. Members doing little speeding again followed by a cop a city cop. The c tried to fall guard member into the formation. The serb formation got over a city cop with a lot of colorful language later on the city. Compost seriously busted down by the police chief so i've been told thanks grew loved here. That homeschool home-schooled was with james james appreciation that moving on coffee comics again. I was talking about lady jaye loser pants which came a kit the internet to adults on episode g._i._g._o. Clinton said this is one of the few times you'll see a female character loser pants as a joke always other almost all the others will be the male character standing there and their undies like a bunch of idiots. He also made a comment that same episode about the joe's getting turner earner kids he said joe joe babies funding low kober with the power of imagination. I would've loved to see that you'll joe babies. Fighting low cobra unfunny marveled did the x. men davies. Whatever makes them along that same line that would have been a good little short or comic or something uh-huh <hes> clinton also said but as he ballsy enough to train the new recruits in the movie nope flint's barely seeing that fang meanwhile beach is out there sassy chuckles who can run one hundred year dash with a rocket over his head. Each has balls awarded medals no-doubt again. I wanna reese yeah. I may go back to at some point early in the morning on a discovery family. Believe it is a two three three o'clock in the morning. Show up so that the g._i. Joe cartoon froth flaw. There is live tweeting my thoughts. I kind of backed off a little bit by making back into that <unk> entire series but missed a couple of minutes here and there so they just just as i'm recording this just restarted back at the rich the beginning again so i may i may i can do that again so it's fun if i do that join the conversation. If you guys are up that early moving on we had a comment from pesky pascal he says i gather you're talking about cobra thon because i had him on it in that way with watching that he said becky buzz dixon. I had a lot of fun that one that was great to hear. I need to get martin on my show on these days. I love talking about g._i._g._o. In the last few comments that's is both from joyce salomon he says at g._i. Joe head cast new listener here really enjoying catching on the pods issue seven currently looking forward to future episodes keep up the great work had yoho he also said at g._i. Joe head cast in episode review issue nine one of the future items you'd like to added the pod was order better issues. I have an idea where again insert one profiled per episode a separate segment. I'd want here do it my job not sure how l._l. Bill thanks joey. That's good idea i i was virtually my clan was either to cover that on a special during the show or are maybe now on bravo team but i could start inserting one character profile per episode. It's all about me talk about the guys at that one thing great idea joint. I love that so that was a twitter comments and tweets and re tweets and all that good stuff phil free on twitter hewlett force at g._i. Joe head cast moving on from there. We have the facebook he's alike shares and all that s- re- shares re tweets or whatever facebook's paste in tweets and this is either from the g._i. Joe facebook group the joe page or over on the g._i. Joe canadian g._i. Joe canadian collectors club age again along even longer the names them read off of a few comments throw in here and there but <unk> enjoy the names again. Thank you guys very much fight just like on twitter and here homicide is missing somewhere. Let me i apologize in advance if i do and also going to apologize in advance some of these names on here a little harder for me to pronounce so i am going to mess him up by apologize now audi no vin arias.

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