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Paul pork is for the food seventy dollars all you can eat with a chocolate fountain honey that's a party starts at four in the afternoon so they want to eat let's go you guys carry on i'm just going to stay in the garage there's a two car garage and a one card she adds that attendees even brought their own festive refreshments quote one person had four crackpots show showing up like they were going to a bunko party or something i just learned this bunko is an actual car a game a card game but i know it as a bunko squad right i don't know that hit squad was a group of cops it was they bust gambling so go party that's what it looked like i guess you have to play bunko with a minimum four crock pots that's that's bad cool all right thank you thank you thank you thank you for free free free those aren't getting charged i just love people like i'm gonna say i'm gonna say it i appreciate no they don't know i can't tell them later dave do you don't tell me what to do tell to nut to yell out you yell out no i'm not going to show don't yell out to do it okay walking home you're next to me will you hold my beer i've got to say don't say don't hold her for her okay the party organizer does not want to reveal his identity but said he's the victim in this controversy let's go to that picture of him.

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