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Hassen diab is once again free to speak on monday the ottawa kme iq returned to his family in ottawa after being freed from a prison in france canada extradited him there more than three years ago to face trial for the nineteen eighty bombing of a synagogue in paris that trial never came what did come was a series of orders for mr diab to be freed on bail but each of those orders were subsequently reversed then on friday a pair of judges simply throughout the case against him they concluded that the evidence against him was too weak to even justify a trial hasn't diab joined us earlier today from our auto wall studio missed it in how are you a so far so good as they say he if we were talking with your yesterday as we tied to say that this interview and you're driving around the car for the kids hand life was like it is for any dad in ottawa all kinds of demands and everything what was that like for you yesterday it was a great day especially with the kids like uh the crazy of the go the happier to go with the one thing they want to jump on me they want to play they want that full attention and zhanna says old concentrate i sit on what she said on me i can talk to other people licken so she wanted full concentration and there was some competition with her brother like who wants to get my attention you can't you can't put the price on that.

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