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Right now we're working at around 5 to 7% in our profit margin which is huge it's such a different So you raised your prices but you also raised wages and there were other things that you managed to figure out that tinkered with your formula and made you more profitable Can you talk a little bit more about those things Amanda and what other ways you were able to squeeze more out of the business We started squeezing a lot more out of the business as opposed to our employees The number one factor that changed was our food cost So before the year and a half ago pre-pandemic we were probably hovering around 25% which actually in the restaurant industry isn't bad Does that mean 25% of your costs were on food Yeah And now we're down around 14% which is that's where we're making our money That's a huge savings every month and out of that unable to pay So much more than I was beforehand It's really great to hear what you said because we talk about being more sustainable more efficient You really have figured it out And as a result have become more profitable What a great story It's featured in this week's issue of Bloomberg business week magazine comes courtesy of technology editor slash food Aficionado boosting And of course our thanks to the owner and chef of New York City restaurant dirt candy Amanda Cohen really great to have you both Thanks so much Thanks Hey let's do it at the next restaurant next time Exactly I'm into this cucumbers Tasty menu Let's do it All right that wraps up the first hour over the weekend edition of Bloomberg business week when Bloomberg radio I'm Carol masser And I'm Tim steinem I headed her next hour Raj rajaratnam received the longest prison sentence ever handed out for insider trading Now he's a free man and he says prosecutors got his case all wrong We talked to the former head of galleon group and you do not want to miss the conversation And also the CEO of online mental healthcare startups cerebral joining us on the heels of the company's latest funding round It's now valued at almost $5 billion Plus the federal government's efforts to counter Chinese espionage in America have not only produced few convictions they've also drawn complaints about racism and FBI.

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