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Now he hosts dumb in truths welcome back to levels advocates radio show and dominic i think topically got to talk about the new guy at the white house the move this guy terrible obvious case wreaking havoc i found it very interesting eric one bullet washington post earlier today sean spicer was right about anthony scaramucci the moods i'm very briefly sean spicer resigned is white house press secretary in of its new york times reported the muchderided spokesman for president trump be at me vehemently disagreed with his appointment of anthony scaramucci a new york binding had seer as his new communications director saying that mr scaramucci i rang would add to the confusion and uncertainty we are ready engulfing the white house in an interview with fox news sean hannity spicer said he told the president this i think it is in the best interest of this administration in your presidency that i get these two individuals the opportunity to operate without beyond the way so they have a fresh start and that i'm not lurking over them all in less than a week the world is getting an up close view of what put spicer in such a statement mood on tuesday scaramucci confirmed to political that he was prepared to fire a communication staffer michael short who later resigned and then complained about how the media figured out that people were the deed could be done when the elite to the pressure about the fire a guy and they reported you later that they got out in front of the fire your salt merge on wednesday morning's scaramucci went on cnn and spoke at great length about this otherwise unspectacular personnel action we're talking about how we wanted to help this person with his career for real when asked whether the president had demanded the action scaramucci replied comic fashion and i think we've got this don't we us let's play some of us if you what fancy brian whatever cut you named it all which ones specifically brian you weren't paying i'm straightly straightly not answering your question was play that interchange place this is the true i'm tori lee straightly not answering your question what's that mean he is reassuring the cnn audience he's not gave what destroy lease street lead naughty answering a question i am being very straight with you and i am straightly not answering your question now on wednesday evening.

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