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Good evening. I'm no one Lleyton. We could see the mullahs report come Thursday a month. Long legal battle may foul though. Democrats still want to see the public to see a full unredacted version of that report. Reporter Mary Bruce has more from the White House or is already some discussion within the Trump legal team about releasing their own counter report, depending on what they see on Thursday. Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani says they could release their own roughly thirty five page version. In the meantime, several outlets are already planning to publish the redacted Mullah report as a book on Amazon, it's already a best seller in eighteen year old shot to death in crown heights. Brooklyn this evening, the bullets flew fourteen hundred block of Saint John's place just after five pm victim. Shot multiple times take into king's county hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police. Have made no arrests have no motive for the gun fire just days after officially launching his bid to become the first openly gay nominee of the major presidential party, Pete Buddha JR. Heckled while campaigning and fort dodge, Iowa this after noon his response talking about being an Afghan. Stan war veteran men and women who trust me with their lives in care, if I was a democrat or Republican they didn't care what country my dad immigrated from whether who's documented or not they didn't care if I was going home to revolt friend, south bend, Indiana. Mayors among a dozen plus Democrats in the race for the White House in Hoboken, New Jersey. A car racing from a Fender bender drove up onto the sidewalk in the mile square city and smacked into a pedestrian sidewalks where packed on this beautiful day. So lots of people saw the hit. We saw.

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