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No, it's not. It's pertinent for my career. It's like something from the internet goes to real TV. Maybe we're next. But like this is the next big thing. What say it gets Greenland and it premiers in a year from now, like you are having babies soon, like it could be the next like Barney. Yet, this could be what your kids are watching and singing. So how does that make you feel if big feel, what TV show do you identify with like as your like showed? Well, primarily Hannah Montana noble, like. Farney. I can't even think of another show like Sesame Street is not hotel was this mission. That was this really watch Sesame Street ever. No. I don't recall watching it. But it's like, why did not, you know, I just suck on Barney. Yeah. And then like the WB eleven like don't call me on Friday night. I'm watching the fucking WBZ totally. The WB was fucking live. No, like our whole lives where the WB what's more of. More of us used to sit around like every night with our low stream, biking ice cream cones, and we would like try and like steal each other's at watched the WB and like some fucking classic. You know, so weird as we watch so much WB. But we didn't watch like the iconic chosen WB Dawson's creek or Buffy the vampire slayer now. No, we were busy watching. Maybe it's me the hell the hell popular. But by the way, WB is now CW. It makes perfect. It makes perfect sense. Yeah. So, and we're still watching CW, but I would say as for my young adult life up until I college, the most transformative show Montana. I want to say I was really heavily influenced by that, so raven and just like her comedic structure. I feel that for you. You know what I deal is you challenge, even vibes and everyday life. I remember the first time I ever left so hard from a TV show like silent laughed, and it was at that. So reason, I remember our cousin's house, Florida, and we were watching it, and I was laughing so hard. And like I never had left that hard from something on TV before. Yes. Also, a few more shows that people are Miami, Rugrats was definitely pertinent to our situation. Yep. Cat dog. We watch it every morning. No, I missed. It was like trash. We would watch like begrudgingly yet. No, it was because it was the only thing on when you woke up early on Saturday. And then there was like SpongeBob fairly odd parents, which is just the dumbest show. I like fairly parents quite a bit. Yeah. And so those were I guess the cartoons. And then obviously the OC blah, blah, blah, but that's like teenage she. When you start doing drugs on TV we're in a different category. Right. Or like drinking underage at fifteen. But at that time that the OC was on hand Montana. And that was the biggest driver in my life, you know how to Montana was amazing. And there was a time in, in the world, we're Montana was on that flex, the Nanas in pajamas agreed bananas in pyjamas, I likely when we always, we keep talking about this story about Disney's launching own streaming platforms, and it's going to be lit. I will subscribe Chesler. Rich, look, the Irish fucking model behavior. Cadet Kelly cadet Kelly hitch perfect perfect Hicks chair perfect smart house, actually, every watched mart house recently. And it's just not what it used to be. I feel all now twenty nineteen it's like that has couldn't do anything like it wasn't even special. It's like Siri and it was just such low quality like film grade that I watch to recently. And it just didn't do the trick for me pepper. An brace face. Those were the days was that just Beal movie when you wish upon a star. Oh, yeah. No. That was Katherine. Hi, go. Oh, it wasn't just going to be a we'll just be a movie was the decomission. Seventh heaven, maybe eighty that shows ruined bright to that. He's John Travolta. He you know that's just as for until innocent until proven guilty. Come on. I don't know anymore..

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