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The most play guy but whenever he got a mustache oh i don't like stuff on my face all emotion shuts. It's like a bunch of little needles pricking you on your lip constantly constantly select. My faces goes down. I'm just like they would go you. Non stop constantly had my dad who's also a coach. I would like like the script and i would like to have to bite the inside of my cheeks to keep from laughing. I'm sorry but like no it's gonna be dark damian's back for this episode. Oh no he's a dad who's a coach again. You'd walk dressing room and he would just be sitting there like he's confederates cartoon cloud about him with a razor disappear before it hit the ground but it was there he would be looking at his copy table. There's nothing on on the table. He's just looking at it as a cop just moustache so sad. You'd be like how you doing. I'm good. I've had better days nor each day. We just need no smoking in the morning when will come and release. What were you guys first impressions of us. I'm curious yeah. I mean i <hes> i loved you guys coming in because going through season one and two who of sunny with a chance i was very much the younger sibling of everything like they would all go get cast dinners afterward and it was very much like i was in the school room and it was just like them and then you guys all came on board and i was like hey how's it going and i felt like actually i was like making friends. Everybody had been nice to macy's and one and two but then actually i felt like oh. I have friends like we can hang out afterwards. You're very young age. Difference didn't matter when it so normally would like you. You were very friendly and always invited us stuff. You're like come to my birthday party. I'm like yeah all right. I'll send you might ask day on a red carpet ever run. Yeah we went to prom yeah and like i think you were were you fourteen at the time and i as a fourteen year old girl in the end so that's why we got along so well but in fourteen eighteen and i'm trying to think of what my hair was like. That's how i like all of my teenagers. It was pink yup pink. That's right. You've been all hair-wise haven't you. Oh wow yes. I mainly identified with allison because she looked like a fourteen fifteen year old girl who celebrated halloween and that's who i try underneath this drag that i'm in right now shane my impression of shane was that so so damian and audrey and i got the tour of the set and treated like we were cast but we hadn't heard anything yet and and i remember feverishly checking social media because i knew the filming was about to start or started already and i think maybe allison you or tiffany or something had posted something and and you were tagged in at shane and i remember thinking oh that's the guy that got it or whatever i wasn't thinking like and it was bridget. Remember bridget was bridget bridget and shame recasts casts was like oh i guess me and damian and audrey didn't get it and so it was like okay and then we got the call that we are going to be on it and then you weren't there when i episode <hes> <hes> the regulars and then it was. I don't think you were there either. I think it was just me and audrey. Maybe they tried to at a time came on either the second or the third week i think i was the last newbie newbie so i knew damian already from the audition process but it was delayed you and i- shane getting to know each other and i remember being intimidated by you because i'm like oh my god this guy's amazing ever talking how funny he is and i still didn't feel completely comfortable being like a sketch comedian or whatever it was and you were just such a legend at it already because because people talked about how funny you were because the episode they're like oh shane was on last week. I remember tiffany talking about it and tiffany. I got pretty close pretty fast and i remember like just thinking you were like god's gift gift and i knew i already knew. Damien was really really nice guy because we'd spend some time together and we're. I felt like we were in the trenches together for this tornado experience but to me. You were this guy who already booked it..

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